What’s new for 2008-2009

The age old question “So, what have you done for me lately?” is number one on every skier and boarder’s mind once the first chilly breezes of fall descend on the mountains. This time the answer, at least from your favorite resort of Solitude, is a whole lot!In a Nutshell:

Solitude Mountain Resort unveils two new high-speed quads for the 08/09 season, allowing visitors from both Solitude Village and Moonbeam Center quick access to the heart of the mountain. Both of these new lifts will provide easier loading and unloading for our guests, along with a quicker ride time by eliminating the frequent starts and stops of fixed-grip lifts. The new lifts give direct access to our intermediate terrain, which supports Solitude’s ongoing commitment to offering a family-friendly experience conducive to learning snowsports.
Apex Express will replace the existing Apex double lift with the same convenient lift access, the bottom terminal will remain unchanged, just a few steps from the village skier bridge. The Moonbeam base area will see its fourth Moonbeam Lift, dubbed Moonbeam Express. The original Moonbeam lift, built half a century ago, had a different lift line, offered night skiing and was a 10-plus-minute lift ride on a double lift.
Additionally, the area near the top stations of these lifts has undergone extensive grading work. An improved transition from the lift to trail, as well as a gentler overall grade will appeal to the beginner and intermediate skiers who frequent this area.

With visitors gaining quicker access to this popular area Solitude has added 4 new mobile snowguns. The snowmaking system, which is continually being expanded, allows for addition coverage in higher-traffic areas to provide a consistent snow experience throughout the season.

Off the hill, Creekside at Solitude’s vintage European fare will be served by new chef Matt Anderson, who will lend his culinary skill to satisfy any hunger worked up on the hill. This relaxed dining experience offers a fabulous and exceedingly diverse menu to taunt even the most perceptive tastes.

One thought on “What’s new for 2008-2009

  1. Couldn’t we get a high speed quad on a lift that matters?… i.e. Powderhorn or Summit… ugh. Who uses Apex anyway, beside visitors who don’t know any better?

    Always a local,


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