Snow Storms & Solitude’s Sweet Singletrack

Snow certianly has the letter ‘S’ on our minds. First and foremost, it snowed much of the weekend up here, leaving a blanket of fresh white above 8,000 feet. How exciting is that?  So exciting, in fact, that the resident bloggers are dreaming up headlines all starting in ‘S’ in hopes of continually pleasing the snow gods.

As for the other half of the headline – the one dealing with sweet singletrack, consider this the official unofficial unveiling of Solitude’s newest sweet singletrack. While I am not ready to divulge location or directions, I am more than happy to divulge some photos from the maiden voyage mission. Yes, working here does come with rewards such as this. Full details to come, we promise! Just to pique interest it is some of the smoothest flowing new singletrack around. The switchbacks feature nicely banked turns, which means there is no need to tap the brakes. That is not to say you shouldn’t pull over from time to time to check out the vistas. Most of the time you are cruising through an old-growth forest with towering trees (think Return of Jedi chase scene on those space cruisers).

The grade will be primo for both climbing and descending, with several high-speed flowy sections. When the trees do allow a few peeks down canyon you’ll be treated to views of Honeycomb Canyon, SIlverfork Canyon and Mt. Raymond.  Oooh, I think I just gave away a tip on location. Let’s just suffice to say many new loop options will be opened up!!

Check the photos…

One thought on “Snow Storms & Solitude’s Sweet Singletrack

  1. You should post some fall photos of Honeycomb Canyon or Evergreen. What would be even better is a photo looking out to Wolverine Cirque from the summit!

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