Solitude in the Ski Mags

This one comes from our favorite guest blogger, pro-skier and unofficial poster-girl of Utah skiing, Caroline Gleich.

Solitude’s been getting a lot of press lately. In Powder Magazine’s September Issue, they did a feature on “The Greatest Season Ever.” The award for the “Deepest Day of the Year” went to Solitude, for January 9.

Here’s what they had to say:

“A lift ticket at Solitude is $55. But it’s amazing how few pass holders from Alta or Snowbird are willing to pay it, even when Little Cottonwood Canyon is gridlocked or closed half the morning. Which makes the money even more worthwhile on days like today. It’s been snowing for almost a week, but today is the big one. Wind effect on open slopes creates chest-deep blower in the trees of Evergreen and the Black Forest. Empty chairs serve as a constant reminder of the traffic jam next door. Big Wednesday is the cliché tag for deep days that happen to fall on hump day, both of which apply today. Until Lee gives us another name. ‘This is the deepest day of the year,’ he portends as we cross paths en route to the Honeycomb lift. The description would hold through the end of the season.” –Derek Taylor

So even if you get your Alta or Snowbird pass, be sure to pick up at least a day or two at Solitude (custom season passes start at $249). You can also purchase an eleven day pack starting at only $40 a day. And finally, one of my favorite options is the 50 ride ticket for only $310. With this option, you can come up, take two lifts and go for a tour. And the system won’t let you use more than 10 rides in a day. Whichever option you chose, it’s totally worth it. Now hurry up because these rates change Nov. 1!

Also, keep your eyes peeled around the Salt Lake valley for these billboards with my image on them:

Caroline Gleich rips it up on SOlitudes billboards all over SLC

Caroline Gleich rips it up on Solitude's billboards all over SLC

2 thoughts on “Solitude in the Ski Mags

  1. Hi Mrs. T.

    I hope all is well in West Hartford. I’m sorry that your local REI store does not carry the Caroline hat. It is available to order through and they will ship it for free to your store in West Hartford. Here’s the linke:

    They are also selling the Caroline hat in a child size and it would make an excellent Christmas present for one of your granddaughters:

    The hat is fleece lined and it will keep you warm and toasty throughout the cold, New England winters.

    Will I be seeing on the Utah slopes this winter? Make sure you plan a day to come up to Solitude! I’d love to show you around.



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