Getting Off The Beaten Path

Last weeks fury of powder days left most of us exhausted: all the non-stop top to bottom runs, screaming “THAT was the best run of the year”, and repeating the cycle.  Now that the skies have cleared and warm air and sun are plentiful the draw to being outside is great – far greater than 10 degree winds lashing at your face. But, my feet are KILLING me from a week of bashing in new liners chasing one pow run after the next. Not wanting my muscles to get too long a rest I figured an hour or two of Nordic skiing would fit the bill.

Getting on skinny skis is quite the change of pace, and provides as much of a workout as you can handle. To top it off are stunning views found at the Solitude Nordic Center, as well as the pine-scented fresh air and perfect blue sky.  With 20km of trail, there are many options: the short loop around Silver Lake, the Cornucopia Trail that connects the Solitude Village with the Nordic Center or one of the Redman Loops.

Whenever you need a change of pace, give the Nordic Center a try – you’ll find yet another way to enjoy the outdoors in winter.

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