Solitude’s Nordic Center Offers Great Instruction

One on One instruction @ the Solitude Nordic Center
One on One instruction @ the Solitude Nordic Center

One of the benefits of working at a mountain resort is occasionally we do an employee specific event, like we did last night at the Nordic Center.

The idea was simple, expose our employees to something here at Solitude they would never otherwise do on their own.  The center provided rentals and a lesson and we had about 15 people show up to give Nordic a try.

The majority of those attending had never Nordic skied prior and the overwhelming consensus was – – if you have a little Alpine skiing in your background, you can easily pick up and have a fun day Nordic skiing.  Everyone chose to try Skate skiing, which if you are unaware is the latest and greatest thing in Nordic skiing.  It’s certainly not new, but arguably it is gaining great traction here in the U.S.  Anyway, by the end of the evening, everyone was actually holding their own – – we even held a little relay race for some departmental bragging rights.

So, what does all this have to do with you?  As I was listening to one of the instructors last night, WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE A 2002 WINTER OLYMPIAN, I thought to myself how cool it is to be listening and learning from a guy that competed in the Olympics!  And then I thought to myself, it cost nothing extra for our customers to come up and learn from this Olympian.  And, most weekdays, if you can come on weekdays – you’d probably be one of maybe only 2 or 3 in the lesson (if you are really lucky it would only be you – which certainly happens).

Get out and try something new this year, it is a phenomenal workout and a wonderful way to enjoy the Wasatch Mountains.  If you are lucky enough to ski with our Olympian or not, you will for sure receive unparalleled instruction and attention from the Solitude Nordic Center.

4 thoughts on “Solitude’s Nordic Center Offers Great Instruction

  1. Interested in bringing Special Olympic Athletes to train at Nordic Center. How do I get started? Is there a fee? We have our own coaches.
    Please reply.

  2. I was’nt sure I would like this site since it was about
    Solitude’s Nordic Center Offers Great Instruction » Welcome to the Solitude Blog but I was wrong and thought it was cool and found it on Ask . Thanks and I’ll be back as you update.

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