Whoa…It’s Spring, I mean Summer!

Mud season quickly turned into rain season…or is that just another way of saying mud season was extra long this year? Either way, Summer is officially here, as of June 21. And as if on cue, the sun is shining, the mountains are green, flowers are beginning to bloom, so tada! Summer is here.

As far as the nuts and bolts go, the lift is running Fri – Sun, from 1 – 6 on Fridays and 11 – 6 on the weekends and holidays.  The trails could NOT be in better shape.  they are smooth and tacky and plush and soft and just generally awesome. See, rain and precip does have its advantages! Solitude also offers an 18 hole disc golf course, bike rentals, scooter rentals and much more.

The Stone Haus is open for pizzas, coffee, sandwiches, energy drink and beer (is that redundant?) from Wednesdays – Sundays from 11 – 7. Don’t miss kimi’s mountainside bistro  – a new Village dining institution with an unbelievable patio and great food in a relaxed setting. They are open for dinner Wed- Sun from 5 – 9 and open for weekend brunch (that’s right, Sundays aaaand Saturdays!) from 10 – 3. The Yurt is also available for a gourmet adventure dining experience – so if you need to wow a group, that’s the place!

See ya on the trail!

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