Fresh snow and sun – Another blue bird day at Solitude!

There are few things in life that go better together than fresh snow and sun.  Luckily, I live in Salt Lake City where I get to experience this combination more often than not.  For those of you who don’t live in Salt Lake City, I apologize.

blue bird day!

Today up at Solitude was a prime example of this combination at its finest!  Overnight, eight inches of fresh pow blanketed Solitude’s slopes and by mid-morning the sun was out creating perfect early season conditions.  Needless to say I hit the slopes like it was my job!

Three lifts (Apex, Link, Moonbeam) were up and spinning, giving me access to three different runs.  And yes, I skied them all!  With the groomers out last night and this morning, the runs were in pristine condition making for some great turns.  And for those of you wondering, there were powder stashes to be found on the edges of the runs.  I would say they were early season teasers of the great pow days to come.

Insider tip:  Eagle Express opens tomorrow!  You know what that means right?  Time to hit Sunshine Bowl!

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