With the final bolts tightened, tests passed and chairs hung, Utah’s largest on-mountain improvement for the upcoming season is ready for action – Powderhorn II.

Powderhorn II starts near the bottom of Sunshine Bowl, travels above a widened Concord ski run, and ends in the same location as the original Powderhorn Lift. Some terrain improvements at the top terminal allow Diamond Lane to start right at the top terminal – no more crossing the road to get to the other side. Skiers left – towards Eagle Ridge – has been graded eliminating the off-camber double fall line mogul field to access gentler terrain. Guests will no doubt enjoy a smoother ad quicker transition from riding the lift to making turns.

PH II Bottom Terminal as viewed from Moonbeam Express. Photo: Marc Guido

PH II Bottom Terminal as viewed from Moonbeam Express. Photo: Marc Guido

The move to a mid-mountain starting point allows expert snowriders to make continuous laps on the upper mountain Рfrom Diamond Lane to Sunshine Bowl Рwithout the need to return to the base area via beginner runs. A speedy 7 minute lift ride on the new lift, as opposed to 12 on the old double, saves 5 minutes per run on some of the state’s steepest groomed terrain. Plus, the off-piste terrain in Honeycomb Canyon will still be conveniently accessed from the top of this lift.

Beginner and intermediate visitors will appreciate the new lift, as well, even though they may not ride it until their skills improve, as advanced and expert visitors will remain higher on the mountain, easing traffic in prime learning areas lower on the mountain. Crafting this natural segregation put visitors of like abilities in terrain conducive to their ability, creating an improved experience for all.

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