Welcome winter, glad to see you’re here to stay

Do you remember middle school dances? You know, the one’s where the guys were on one side and the girls on the other. Both wanted to dance with each other, but neither group knew how to make the first move . . . until the DJ played that special song that broke the ice.

Where am I going with this?Allow me to explain. Before this big storm, this winter had been like one of those dances. It was struggling. Skiers and boarders looked longingly at the mountains. Luckily, DJ Ullr spun that special song (aka the storm) bringing powder hounds together with the mountain for a memorable dance (aka powder turns). But this song wasn’t just one and done. It kept playing for 48 hours dumping 46” of snow on Solitude Mountain Resort!

Now, this may be just another dump of Utah’s finest for you, but this is EPIC to me (Note: if you see me frolicking about in the waist deep powder, just let me have a moment). You see, I’m not from around here. I grew up skiing the heavy-wet of the Pacific Northwest. Days like these past few are what set the Wasatch, and more specifically Solitude, apart from the rest of the field. Days like these past few have been the subject of my powder dreams for years. And days like these past few are what we can expect for the rest of the season.

So, I thank you DJ Ullr for breaking the ice and I look forward to making turns to your tunes for the rest of the season!

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