Winterfest is upon us!

What? It’s almost Christmas already? For once I’m not disappointed that time is flying. Why? First, the closer we are to Christmas, the closer we are to presents. Duh! Secondly, it means that we’re in the midst of Solitude’s 2nd Annual Winterfest!

For those of you who don’t know, Winterfest is two weeks of pure awesomeness for the whole family. Yes, I just made up that word, but it seemed fitting.

What classifies as awesomeness? Allow me to inform you. A pedestrian only village that is bustling with people, activity, fun and games. Ice skating parties complete with s’mores made over an open fire (the way they should be). History lessons. Movies. Astronomy presentations and star gazing tours. Solitude Ski Patrol rescue dog demonstrations. Snowshoeing tours. Holiday singers.

Wow, that is quite the list! And believe me it could, and does, go on. But I won’t share all the secrets of Winterfest, because the best part is discovering it for yourself!

Check out more details at:

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