A taste of Solitude: Hungry Tuna Sushi at The Thirsty Squirrel

Do you consider yourself a fan of sushi?  If so, a mountain resort outside Salt Lake City might not be the first place you’d think to find good sushi.  The whole land-locked and high elevation thing probably plays a part in that.  But if you’re going to let some little things like that get in the way of trying Hungry Tuna Sushi at The Thirsty Squirrel, then you should take your fan-dom, roll it up and toss it, because you’re missing out on the best thing since chopsticks!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3-8 PM, Solitude Mountain Resort’s resident sushi chef, Clayton Wall, rolls out a menu that is changing the Cottonwood Canyons après ski scene.  From rolls of all shapes and sizes, to the delicious miso soup and edamame, you’re sure to find something that will tickle the taste buds.

At this point you’re probably waiting for a recommendation on what roll to get, and possibly an in-depth review of the ingredients and flavors.  But I’m not a food critic, and even if I was I wouldn’t want to over inform you about something so simple and delicious.  Just take my word for it and go with the signature Solitude Roll . . . or the Honeycomb Roll . . . or the Voltaire Roll.  Actually, try one of each.  Missing out on any one of these rolls would be a shame!

Hungry for more reviews? Stay tuned to this blog for more installments of “A taste of Solitude.” That’s right, this was just the first blog of many to feature the wide array of dining options found only at Solitude Mountain Resort.

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