Satisfy your sweet tooth at Solitude

I think chocolate gets a bad rap. People spend so much time focusing on the negatives that they forget about the positives of this delectable treat. In a way, they’re taking a glass-half-empty approach to chocolate. But by focusing on the negative, they’re missing out on the fact that chocolate may elevate your mood, raise good cholesterol, promote blood flow and make you a better skier or snowboarder. Ok, I may have made up that last point, but the rest are completely true.

If you can’t tell, I’m more of a glass-half-full type of guy when it comes to chocolate. So it should come as no surprise that I’m stoked for the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour at Solitude Mountain Resort on January 23!

I’ve heard of chocolate parties, but the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour is more like a chocolate vacation. First, you get a Chocolate Lovers Passport, which is very similar to a normal passport in that it gets you into the event. The only difference – instead of security checkpoints and strip searches you get pampered with chocolaty goodness. Second, you get to explore Solitude Mountain Resort. Six different tents are set up around the mountain, each featuring a different type of chocolate and give away. Third, you’ll probably want to bring a bag to carry all the giveaways and prizes that you could win.

Still not convinced? Pardon me while I name drop. Cream O’ Weber, C. Kay Cummings, Sweet’s Candy and Bakers C & C will all be there. As will V Chocolates, Utah Truffles and Premium Ice Cream Creamies.

By now you’re probably having chocolate dreams and possibly even drooling. Don’t worry, this is normal. What’s not normal is missing out on the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour. So grab your friends and family, make sure your sweet tooth is fully functioning and make your way to Solitude Mountain Resort for the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour!

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