Utah makes a guest appearance in…Utah?

With the return of the snow. Wait, strike that. With the return of redonkulous dumpage only found in the Wasatch, Utah started looking alot like, Utah again.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video that is 43 seconds long, at 30 frames per second, would be made up of 1,290 pictures. The word equivalent would be 12,900 words. This day in age, with most conversations taking place within the 140 character confines of twitter, no one will read my 12,900 words. Even if Tolkein penned the elation of a powder run on Honeycomb, I still doubt you will feel even a single percent in comparison to what this vid will conjure.
Without further adieu:

5 thoughts on “Utah makes a guest appearance in…Utah?

  1. Nice video. Looking forward to making some fresh tracks in a couple weeks. Keep the snow coming will ya. BTW, 1290 pictures x 1000 words is 1,290,000 words! Its cool though no time for math on a powder day.

  2. awesome video! would you mind telling me where you are starting from? I’ve only done honeycomb from the access point next to the lift at the top of powderhorn(i think).went through a fair amount of trees and ended in a flat area for a while.

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