Lock lips this Valentine’s Day . . . Solitude Style

Valentine’s Day is all about love. And what says love more than laying one on your significant other? Especially if the setting, or the elevation, takes his or her breath away! If you’re looking to woo your mate, or simply elevate your love life, pay attention, because I’m about to share some information that is guaranteed to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one. Without further adieu, I present Solitude Mountain Resort’s Top 5 Places to Kiss.”

*Note from author: All of these locations have been field tested and proven to heighten feelings of love in the significant other. However, we do not accept responsibility for bad experiences resulting from poor kissing. To create a better experience, learn how to kiss and try again.

1. Fantasy Ridge: What’s your fantasy? How about locking lips at the highest point at Solitude Mountain Resort? Throw your skis or board on your back for the short, yet breathtaking hike to the top. Epic views of Honeycomb Canyon, Wolverine Cirque, and the Twin Lakes backcountry area are sure to take your breath away . . . or was that the kiss?

2. Silver Lake Loop – Solitude Nordic Center: Looking to slow things down? Grab your snowshoes or Nordic skis and head to the Solitude Nordic Center for a peaceful loop around Silver Lake. Beautiful forests and gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains provide the perfect backdrop for a picturesque kiss.

3. Summit Chair: Not only is the Summit Chair the most scenic lift at Solitude, it’s also the longest. What does this mean? That you get gorgeous views of Honeycomb Canyon, Evergreen Ridge, Fantasy Ridge and Cathedral, plus you have ten minutes to kiss. Talk about a great way to pass the time!

4. The Yurt: What says romance more than a moonlit snowshoe or ski to a Mongolian yurt tucked back in the woods where a chef is waiting to prepare you an incredible five-course meal? Nothing does! With the mood set by one Utah’s most unique dining experiences, getting a kiss is a sure thing!

5. Solitude Ice Rink: After a long day of skiing, warm up with a cup of cocoa around the campfire before heading out onto the ice for a few romantic laps in the heart of Solitude’s quaint village. A full moon and the twinkling lights of the village create the perfect setting for a romantic kiss to end your evening.

There you have it. Five locations for five kisses, which will make this Valentine’s Day at Solitude Mountain Resort five times better.

Do you have a special location at Solitude to add to the list? Tell us about it!

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