Time to try something new

I had an epiphany the other day.  Do you want to know what it was?  Of course you don’t!  My epiphany, however simple it may be, is that I’m going to try something new . . . every day . . . or at least as often as I can.  What classifies as something new? Basically, anything involving snow that I have yet to master.  Needless to say, this leaves me with quite a few options:

Classic/Skate Nordic Skiing:  With the Solitude Nordic Center accessible from the Village, I’d be crazy not to include classic and skate style Nordic skiing, even if it does require more work than I’m accustomed to.  Nordic skiing may seem like it requires little to no athletic ability, but believe me, it does.  Unfortunately, it also requires copious amounts of stamina – which I lack.  Luckily, nothing will get in the way of me trying out both skate and classic styles . . . except for a powder day: all bets are off on a powder day.  And as an added bonus, Aram, the Nordic Center manager, competed in all of the Nordic events at the 2002 Olympics for his home country of Armenia.  Talk about learning from the best!

Telemark skiing: I have always been envious of Telemark skiers.  They look so cool!  I’m not kidding when I say that I think Telemark skiers, when they know what they’re doing, are the coolest looking people on the mountain.  Yet for some reason I’ve never made the leap to Telemark skiing.  Maybe it’s the constant bending and crouching.  I honestly don’t know if my chicken legs can handle it!  Or maybe it’s the requisite beard that is sported by all free healers.  Mine just doesn’t fit the bill.  Nonetheless, Telemark skiing will be first on my list.

Snowboarding:    Two things worry me about snowboarding.  One, will I fit into the brightly colored snowboarding culture?  Probably not, I’ll most likely stand out like sore thumb with my normal colored outfit.  Two, am I goofy or regular? And what does that even mean?  Most likely I’ll be so bad that it won’t even matter!

That’s my plan of attack. Are you thinking something similar? Don’t let lack of experience or gear get you down. Solitude Mountain Resort offers top-of-the-line rentals and lessons.

One thought on “Time to try something new

  1. You forgot to put the teleboard on your list.

    Easier (less painful) to learn than either telemark or snowboarding.

    Nice powder shots.

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