Are You a Better Biker Than A 7 Year Old?

…probably not this one.  Read on:

With a free invitation and an adventurous seven year old, I excitedly headed up to Solitude for a little mountain biking unaware of the beautiful and diverse terrain that awaited us. I have biked all over the Wasatch but, never considered that Solitude had mountain biking available. Not only are there some GREAT trails but most (The Summit and SolBright trail require some uphill pedaling) are lift accessible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Behold: The future of Mountain Biking.

We grabbed our tickets and biked up to the Sunrise lift. Hopping off our bikes we sat back on the chair for a gorgeous and peaceful ride up the mountain. Noah was bouncing up and down and yelling in excitement as we passed over the SolBright Trail “I want to do that one he exclaimed.” I pulled out my map and explained to him that it was a “black” trail and we were going to start off on the easier Raptor Road and make our way over to Serenity. This was his first time “really” mountain biking (the dirt trail by our house doesn’t count) and my first time on Solitude’s trails. Well, guess who wiped out first…yup me! “Mom, I am better than you” he yelled, making a couple of day hikers look up and laugh, as he cruised away down the hill.

In case you are wondering I ate it because I had to stop in the middle of a rocky downhill to wait for him to hop off his bike and huff it on foot a few yards. Can I just say, trying to get your balance without momentum while your over the top of your handle bars isn’t the easiest thing! But who’s keeping track anyway? I was expecting a quick ride to the bottom however Solitude has done such a good job building and designing the trails that we had a long and somewhat challenging ride. Noah and I took over an hour getting to the bottom of the resort. A more experienced rider would be able to cruise down faster but at six dollars a lift ride just head back up for another sweet cruise. It is totally worth it…what a deal!

Mountain Bike & Mom....but not in that order.

There are several different trails to choose from and all are very well marked. Serenity is a perfect trail for those of you just getting back on the bike or just starting out but want a little challenge. It is a winding, scenic single track that has just enough ruggedness to keep you on your toes or in my case sliding on my face. We saw plenty of wildlife and even two deer which dashed off into the brush as we neared. If you don’t have equipment, don’t worry, Solitude has everything you need to have a great day on the hill. We are heading back up soon to ride over to Lake Solitude for a picnic and I am sure another AMAZING day up in the mountains, breathing the fresh air and working those quads which are gearing up for upcoming ski season. Again Big Cottonwood Canyon has happily surprised me and makes me long for MORE!