SKI Magazine Ranks Solitude #5 For Snow and #30 Overall!

When it comes down to it nobody who skis or rides at Solitude cares if they rank top in off-hill activities, dining or apres-ski. Leave the high falutin money and the attitudes at #1 ranked Deer Valley and #2 Vail. Yes, these mountains offer the world when it comes to skiing but, folks around here want Solitude to keep living up to its namesake!

Now, that doesn’t mean that we don’t want vacationer’s and locals who are bent on skiing in Park City or Little Cottonwood Canyon not to come and discover our hidden little gem of a mountain. We hope they do! It means that we care about the things that are most important.

We care about snow, we care about terrain and we care about the silence which surrounds us as we carve untouched turns through Black Forest. We care about our children enjoying a great lesson without fifteen other kids vying for their instructor’s attention, we care about accessibility and most of all we care about our bank accounts affording us yet another year to enjoy some of the best skiing in the nation. Period.

SKI Magazine got it dead right by ranking Solitude in the top five when it came to snow, weather and access as well as #6 for value. Thank you to SKI Magazine for recognizing Solitude for what it is…not just a tourist destination but a skier’s paradise! And trust me when I tell you that you can still find a comfortable and beautiful room to sleep in as well as delicious, down-to-earth great food to help remind you why you are not shuffling your way through the crowds of people who descend on other mid-mountain lodges for lunch on any given day. One thing for sure is all the folks who care about Solitude and what the resort stands for and means to them were definitely excited to see their mountain ranked by SKI but also probably grateful that Solitude was not #1!

Solitude ranked #1 in fun by these two little rippers!