How Old Is He….Almost 8!

Yeah Baby!

In the last two days Matt and I have probably been asked that question about 20 times. How old is he? Are you sure he should be in Honeycomb? You are actually taking him into Here Be Dragons? He is so little!!!! Blah, blah, blah.

Solitude has been the benefactor of insane amounts of snow the last few days and the 239 inch December snow pack is far ahead of the game when it comes to yearly snow totals. While most parents are trying to scam on friends to watch their little ones so they can rack up powder turns unhindered, Noah is catching mad faceshots with the best of them! A face shot truly is a face shot when you are three and a half feet tall and his white room is legit.

The White Room

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the inquiries. People usually have something to say about both Isaac and Noah but, when your seven year old is packing his own trail out to some untracked line in the Black Forest (with gawkers in tow) it is pretty gratifying to know that he is about to rip turns better than most of the big boys on the hill!

Some don’t understand my obsession with my two boys but, I have found that life is much more gratifying when you get to watch your children find their own passion for the mountains and develop the skills to actually ski with you! Like they say…if you give them the wings to fly they will soar far beyond you.

Solitude is one of those places that has soul and you find yourself quickly connected to the hill and her secrets. It is a great place to foster a child’s love for skiing. Empty lift lines, the room to find your turns without others in your zone, steeps that are accessible, a terrain park, little natural jumps at every turn and terrain that encourages and rewards every ability.

Quiet and Peaceful

If you put the time in and give up a few days of personal satisfaction, your time and efforts will surely pay off…or you can always become a benefactor of Solitude’s Ski Academy and let them put in the hours.

Well, the snow is sick and deep… I am off to catch some flakes…with the Gromits!

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