Santa Claus Visits Solitude!

After yesterday’s not so hot day of skiing (i.e. blown power lines, wind and stalled chairlifts) the last of the hazy clouds blew out of Utah and with their deperture the sun once again rose over the snow capped peaks of the Wasatch beckoning skiers and boarders to come up and enjoy the perfect weather and snow filled canyons.

A Gorgeous Day!

Even though Solitude’s parking lot was PACKED (unusual) there were still hardly any crowds. The snow was perfect, the groomers pristinely manicured, the steeps remained untouched and the warm sunshine filled Christmas Eve Day with blissfully peaceful turns.

You call this a line?

The only thing that could have made the day any better was Santa himself!

The holiday brought many up to Solitude but, what to our wondering eyes should appear? A certain somebody in red with a bag full of candy and shiny red skis! No one was more excited to see the special visitor skiing than all the children who happened to be at the resort today.

Santa Visits Solitude!!!

It was Santa himself who had taken a ski break from delivering presents to come hit the trails at Soli. We happened to be lucky enough to catch him on the lift and consequently gave him the third degree… I know, I know, leave the poor man alone….but, we couldn’t help it.

A Lift Ride With Santa!

We are avid followers of Norad’s Santa Tracker and we happened to know that when we started skiing this morning Santa was in Asia. How on earth could he be at Solitude???

Well, magic of course! Santa said he heard the snow was so good in Utah that he just had to make a few turns while his reindeer rested and got some yummy hay in their bellies. Since, Santa’s sleigh travels 650 miles per second (3000 times faster than the speed of light) He can easily take a much needed R & R (recreational riding) without any of his elves back home realizing what he is doing. Santa explained that he flew over the canyons a few times and when he saw how uncrowded Solitude was he decided that it was the PERFECT place for him to play for a few hours (human that is…seconds to him).

WOW!!! How exciting! Santa told us that he liked it here so much that he just might come back for a few hours tomorrow while Mrs. Claus is taking her bath and before the reindeer games begin. Hmmm…maybe we will get to see him again and tell him thank you for the awesome presents?

I sure hope so!

Say Cheese Santa!

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