Two Girls and a Guy

We all know Solitude likes to pride itself on being a family destination spot. You know… the place where kids are always smiling and parents beam with self gratification at their wise decision to vacay in the solace of one of the most peaceful resorts on planet earth. We give Soli kudos for their laid back, family friendly environement but, I am here to tell you that you can still rip this mountain to shreds. Well, that is if you have the skills!

Today, just happened to be one of those put up or shut up kind of days. Sometimes, it is nice to leave the kiddies at home and find your own smile in the steeps and fluff. Elsewhere, any powder left from last week’s mammoth storm would surely be skied into oblivion and packed out into a wind crusted slab of knee injury induced crud. However, Solitude once again gifted us with fresh sugary turns and lonely lift lines.

Lonely lifts aren’t so bad though if you have a couple of fellow riders to laugh and shred with. Fellow gal pal and ripper, Jill Adler joined in the fun and Solitude’s very own Nick Como got a little “on the job” work done while figuring out his new HD 170 camcorder  from Drift Innovation and boosting our already self absorbed ego’s. I am proud to say he took some great shots and kept us giggling from Powderhorn to Honeycomb and everywhere in between all while tearing up the hill like any self respecting PR guy should!

November has barely turned into December and already the mountain is a month ahead of schedule as far as snow conditions go and the skiing is unbelievable for such an early start! After Nick’s departure to office land, Jill and I decided to go back and hit a sweet line which he had graciously led us to several hours earlier. Three solitary lines were still there beckoning to us for more. How could it be that not another soul had ventured upon our powder laden line? Could it be possible that hours could pass and fresh, beautiful turns still awaited us in Honeycomb so late in the afternoon?

Solitude offers so much more than meets the unassuming eye. Formidable but beautiful terrain awaits if you choose to seek it out. And if you do, you will be blessed with perfect turns and heart pounding action!

So, although there may be not a single soul in sight just remember that three tracks are always more fun than just one! Thanks for the turns and the laughs you two!

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