The Goods…Worth the Wait!

I almost turned around this morning and went home…almost. Did one of the biggest dumps of the year really have to happen on a Friday night? This morning rolled around to massive snow outside and massive lines of people who wanted up the canyon to partake of the white goods. I live at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon and knew that the line would probably be backed up to 2300 East. I headed out of my neighborhood and headed west to Highland. Wasatch was going to be a zoo and I didn’t want to get stuck in LCC’s traffic. Both canyons were closed until 9:00 so that UDOT could take care of business. All this snow means high avalanche danger and if you live around here you know what that means for our canyons…especially LCC. I cruised up Bengal and emerged onto Wasatch missing the backup on 9400 South. I couldn’t believe what I saw. President’s Weekend was last week…WTH! Cars as far as the eye could see. People were partying on Wasatch and the only thing moving was the flashing lights of the police as they cruised past to take care of whatever business was at hand. Turn around I thought? I looked at my boys in the back who would probably be just as happy playing the WII all day. I was the one super stoked to get out of the house this morning…not them. I thought of all things I could accomplish on a Saturday off of skiing but, the assured knowledge of soft, fluffy, waist deep powder kept me on the straight and narrow. Slowly, we began moving and as I finally turned up Big Cottonwood Canyon I knew I was committed, no matter what! Skiers were swarming over the bus stop and the sides of the road trying to hitch up the canyon…probably because the ever present cops were turning back anyone without 4 wheel drive. As soon as my trusty Volvo was waived passed by the unhappy copper, I was shocked to find that the road cleared right up and I thankfully cruised up the canyon without any further delays.

Thank the man above I stuck with my desire for powder because it was beyond sweet. Yeah, there were probably a lot of people cruising around Solitude but, Noah, Tristan and I didn’t notice them as we ripped our first run through Eagle Gate. Isaac had happily disappeared with his DEVO class and I let Noah miss his race to shred the pow pow. We also picked up one of his fellow DEVO buddies who decided he would rather free ski than wait around to find out what his results were from his race.

Traversing For Sweets!

The snow was deep and light and blew up around us as we bounced down untracked run after untracked run. When you are 8 and 9 respectively, 20 inched of freshies (which were still piling up) takes on a whole new meaning. Tristan and Noah were whooping and yelling as they followed me off rock bands and through drooping pines bent with the weight of the newly fallen snow. Breathing powder doesn’t happen every day and when you are sucking up the famous dry stuff that skier dreams are made of, you have to be grateful that you live in a state that claims “The Greatest Snow on Earth!”

Here Be Dragons...and Little Rippers!

Noah Catching Some Famous Utah Fluff!

There was a slight hiccup in our perfect day when little Tristan lost his ski on Evergreen. After a few minutes of searching, I became unhappily aware that we could be there for awhile. Of course, Tristan was trying to make it back to hear the results of his race when he rolled in a deep snow drift and lost his rockers (literally).  It wasn’t like he could just ski out of the rock band which lay below us with one ski and I definitely didn’t want to return someone else’s kid without a ski so, 2 hours later, a few tears, frozen fingers (Noah…not me…I was sweating you know what), prayers…and cuss words (I won’t lie), the mini Rossi finally was found…thank you kind stranger!

Missing the awards ceremony by a good hour and a half,  we finally cruised into Moonbeam to warm up. The day started off crazy, had some epic moments in between along with ahemmm…hiccup….but ultimately, I wouldn’t have traded the d*m* lost ski for missing the goods to sit at home. So glad I didn’t turn the car around when I really, truly wanted to.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that Tristan won the GOLD in his race!!! He WON and didn’t get to hear them call his name. Oh well, hopefully, his mom will forgive me and let him come rip it up again sometime soon!

Congrats Tristan G.!

Yes, THE SKI!!!! Tristan Must have known he won GOLD!

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