Here’s To You, Friends and Family!

Skiing with friends and family is always more fun than skiing alone.

Carter Budge tearing up Honeycomb!

I won’t lie…having skied exclusively in Little Cottonwood for the past ten years or so, I was a little worried about not having anyone to ski with so, when I decided to move the fam to new territory, I admit to a little trepidation and uncertainty.

I am not one of those self motivator types who can get out and rally all day by myself. I like to have someone to talk to and laugh with and more importantly a little friendly competition never hurt anybody. I like to be pushed and I really like to push others and get them out of their comfort zone. At any rate, I was used to always running into someone at Alta or the Bird who was up for a few thigh burners. I am not entirely a new face as I did ski Solitude for a few years (back when I still had youthful knees and goggle face was still really cool) and it has been exciting to sort of rekindle the old flame.

Noah and Carter Scoping Their Lines

Solitude has grown on me these past few months and as I begin to feel comfortable with the employees and with the locals who love their mountain, I have tied myself to her passions and secrets and to the allure of Solitude’s breathtakingly peaceful slopes and the quiet power that breathes life into those who step inside her world.

Blue Skies and Groomers...Not All That Bad!

New faces have come into my ski life and it makes skiing Solitude that much more fun.
Lately, it seems there is always someone to ski with and get out and stomp around and get a little crazy with. Many times it is my own sons who are “coming into their own” and fulfilling my need for what was that?…oh yeah, a little friendly competition. No, I am not really the overbearing, worried parent but more the competitive fun type who ends up pushing rather than pulling. You could say, I make sure they know I can still rip them down the mountain (probably not for long though) but, in a positive reinforcing way…lol!

Issac Hanging with his DEVO Class

Noah and Carter Traversing Out To Milkrun

I love skiing with my boys and their friends and I love what Solitude has done for them! Noah learned how to ski at Alta but, he has stepped up his game and found his own passion for the sport at Solitude. He knows the mountain as well as I do, if not better, and loves showing me lines that he has discovered with his coaches and DEVO friends. Noah was as nervous as I was to ski Solitude this year and has finally come to love the new friends he has made and the different terrain which is challenging but conquerable.
Isaac looks forward each week to skiing with his coach, Gerrard and hanging with his favorite new buddy, Matty. Solitude has become second nature to them both and it is so fun to watch them thrive on her slopes.

Isaac's Buddy, Matty, Smiling For The Camera

Nobody likes the unknown or to feel uncomfortable but Solitude has become a part of my family this season whether she likes it or not! So, this blog is to you friends, family and ski acquaintances who have made this winter such a blast!


One thought on “Here’s To You, Friends and Family!

  1. I have enjoyed the “Solitude Family” this winter. My kids have made great friends and become little shredders thanks to the Devo program. Dad and mom have also enjoyed the experience and met new ski friends. I have learned new “secret stashes” thanks to my new friends. The year has been great and it is only the beginning of March! I look forward to the rest of the year with my new “Solitude Ski Family”

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