Solitude’s DEVO Team Wraps up a GREAT Year!

You have probably heard me mention once or twice about Solitude’s Development Team on this blog and let me tell you it is a wonderful program. The Development Team also known as DEVO is headed up by Head Coach, Jeff Handwerk and his crew of experienced coaches who each gave their time and talents to create an enjoyable 2010/11 season for the 30 or so lucky kids who got to spend their Saturdays ripping at Solitude!

The youngest members of DEVO are all smiles with their favorite Coach, Gerrard!

Because the DEVO Team limits the number of participants each year, it fosters an intimate learning and specialized training experience for children ages 6-13.  Although, the emphasis is on correct technique, stance and race development, Solitude’s coaches make sure the kids do not get burned out with plenty of off trail skiing and the chance to discover Solitude’s many secrets and epic terrain found beyond the race course.

Cutting some pow in Headwall.

Solitude’s DEVO Team prides themselves on a competent level of instruction and talent but, the small time, laid back feel that makes Solitude so great also permeates through the DEVO Team and its staff. You won’t find a lot of attitude or egotistical personalities but, what you will find are happy, enthusiastic kids who love to spend their Saturdays on the hill with their coaches rather than in front of a television set. However, just because Solitude does not have a large, super competitive race team, they definitely produce their fair share of competitive racers who can hold their own along side the more predominant, bigger race programs. Solitude also gives their youth the experience, discipline and skills to continue on in racing…if they so choose.

Having a little fun with the DEVO Team at the top of the Bump Race.

The DEVO Team was a wonderful choice for my boys, Noah and Isaac, who like to ski off trail but, who needed the extra time spent working on the little things that will ultimately make them that much better. I looked at several programs before settling on this one and was fortunate to be able to get my boys in before the Team filled up. Early on, there were plenty of Saturdays where one or all of us weren’t really psyched about waking up and heading up the canyon but, by the middle of the season DEVO became our routine and I was glad that we made sure our boys were able to ski every single Saturday. Did I mention that DEVO runs almost EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY OF THE ENTIRE SEASON!!!

Thanks Gerrard!

Under the direction of Solitude’s Snowsports Academy Director, Leif Grevle, Jeff Handwerk has been given the reigns to offer the most affordable and proficient development program in the state! They have made it possible for more local families to enjoy the amazing benefits that Solitude and it’s DEVO Team offers. This is truly the BEST deal in Utah and the families and children who participate are truly the BEST as well. You won’t find a more enjoyable group of kids and parents anywhere. The camaraderie and fellowship between staff, participants and parents made the whole DEVO experience that much more enjoyable and exciting.

Isaac's favorite Norwegian Ski School Director...The Loveable Leif Grevle!

I guess what I am really trying to say is THANK YOU (to everyone) for such a fun and entertaining winter season! We are already looking forward to next season!

Jeff Handwerk (top right) and 2010/11 DEVO Team (CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL PICTURE)


Buds...Noah and Shady

Two Punks...Tristan and Noah

For more information on Solitude’s Snow Sports Academy and the DEVO Team please follow this link:

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