Fall Is Spectacular at Solitude!

Utah has been enjoying some warm weather lately and the mountain foilage is responding beautifully to the mild temperatures. Winter’s chill is just around the corner and the snowflakes are destined to come but presently, the canyons are aglow in glorious hues of reds and yellows. Even though the thought of powder piling up outside my windows brings on pangs of excitement, I can’t deny that this fall is every bit as spectacular!

The leaves seem to be on fire this year as the rays of the sun bounce off the canyon walls and gentle winds fill the aspens and pines with life.
It has been a few years since the fall colors have peaked as they are doing now and if you blink, you will miss it.
So hurry up and get off your computer! Head up to Solitude and take in the last breaths of alpine fall before the snows blanket the slopes.

Grab your mountain bike or your trail runners or just grab your loved ones and come up and enjoy a peaceful lunch at Kimi’s and take in the gorgeous mountains aglow in fall’s joyful palette… I promise you will see Solitude as you have never seen her before!

Oh, and DON’T forget to bring your camera…that would be a VERY BIG mistake!

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