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You might think after the last post that I may have gotten all of the early season kinks worked out but, oddly enough, this week was every bit as crazy. I don’t know, maybe the cards are stacked against me this year. I guess I have to have hope that as the snow begins to fall and actually covers the slopes in white, that I will get out of this rut…If not, you may see me on the news (insert tragic story) instead of on this blog.

Thanksgiving week has been hectic but, I managed to get up to Solitude a couple of days in between family, cooking and too much eating. First of all, let me just wish you all a happy belated Turkey Day. I assume that if you are reading this, you probably like to ski or board so, I hope that besides stuffing yourselves with delicious food you also found time to head up into the mountains for some fresh air and a few runs on the hill. Although, we are all looking for signs of the next big storm, Solitude is still managing to provide some good turns to those who head her way.

Powderhorn opened earlier this week to limited skiing, but, it was nice to head off the beaten track a little. Diamond Lane benefited from the past weekend’s storm which had delivered enough snow to get it in decent skiable shape. For early season conditions, the skiing was great! Now, with that being said, the key words here are “early season conditions”. What this means is, DO NOT ski on your brand new skis on anything but the groomers. I know better, you know better, but, sometimes, the new skis, with their perfect, untarnished, bases and edges are just too much to resist. I am sure you can guess the ending to this particular story. Lucky for me, I married a guy who can tune a pair of skis with his eyes closed and lucky for him, his US SKI Team tuning brother showed up and saved my husband from a night of P-tex, hot wax and diamond files.

On another magnificent Thanksgiving Week ski day, I managed to sink my Volvo in quicksand-like snow at the end of the Moonbeam parking lot. Seriously? I haven’t gotten a car stuck since, well, since never! I am going to blame it on the weird snow seeing how I am rocking some seriously sweet snow tires and a ride that can definitely handle winter. I know what your thinking, “Yeah, the car might be able to handle it, but she obviously can’t.” I am not going to go there, take back the thought! Anyways, 45 minutes and some very nice strangers later, I was free. I parked my car and Noah and I headed out for an afternoon of funness….I know that’s not a real word but I like it!

Noah and I had fun chasing each other down Sunshine Bowl until, I stopped to talk to someone at the top of Eagle Express and lost him. Actually, I didn’t lose him, I skied right past him, while I held his poles. I love skiing with two sets of poles…always a real pleasure and I also wondered how mad my son was going to be when I finally found him. Luckily for me, he stayed put and I retrieved him right where I had left him, unnoticed, standing at the top of the lift. I can’t blame Solitude for my mishaps, Solitude is awesome. Solitude is quiet, even during this past holiday week. Solitude is everything she is supposed to be…unfortunately, I am not. Solitude is so mellow and awesome and the people who ski here are so rad (Yep, I like that word too) that the following not-so-great thing could have been bad in an epic proportions kind of way.

Upon returning to my car, we found a familiar older gentleman standing nearby. I had parked next to him earlier and had smiled hello. Amazingly, he happened to come down at just about the same time we did. He informed me that he had just shut my driver’s side door as I had left it wide open. He mentioned that my iphone was sitting on the front seat and I immediately thought of my wallet which was in plain sight as well as my husband’s new ski boots which were still in the box. My heart was racing as I opened the door and found everything just as I had left it. I couldn’t believe it! We had been away from the car for about three hours and not one person had grabbed my belongings! Before I go on, I must say that this will NEVER happen again…so, don’t go getting any ideas! Anyways, the thing is this, this is exactly why I love Solitude. I love that you feel like you become family on this hill. I love that it is peaceful and quiet and that you get to know most of the locals that ski here. I love that no one bothered to take advantage of a car that was obviously unattended and that one, Rob Reece, decided to shut and lock the door for me. Most of all, I love that I can laugh about this stuff with all of you and Solitude keeps letting me do it!

So, along with a few other minor mishaps, I made it through this crazy week no less for the wear and look forward to what the next week might bring….PLEASE LET IT BE SNOW!

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