Solitude Closes With Style

Solitude locals definitely know how to have a good time come rain or shine and today’s closing day brought out the best (and weirdest) that Utah has to offer. Who would miss the closing of our sweet little slice of heaven? Not me.


Although the skies were sending down torrents of rain and church was still happening with or without us, we piled in the car and headed up the rain stricken canyon. Was I being punished for wearing ski clothes instead of a dress? I don’t know, but, what I do know is that Big Cottonwood Canyon seemed eerily similar to my childhood ski days driving up into the Cascades in Washington State. Where yesterday the sun cast it’s warmth over the craggy peaks, today, grey mists hugged the landscape like a quiet blanket drifting softly through the forests. The windshield wipers worked furiously to clear the wet drops from our view as I wondered if we should just turn around and forget about it. The thought lasted only a moment. What was I thinking? It was the LAST day for goodness sakes. I would be six months older the next time I slid off Summit Lift. Turn around? No way!

Last day at any ski resort is always a great time and Solitude would be no exception. I just needed to suck it up and hope that our ski clothes were truly waterproof.

We pulled into the Moonbeam parking lot as the rain really began to pick up but I wasn’t to be disappointed. Closing day had still lured the die hards and the celebrations were already underway. Although ponchos, tents and umbrellas were the order of the morning, skiers, borders and those just up for the party were already kicking back, bumping the tunes and sporting some seriously great outfits!

We could barely see through our goggles as we sat down on the dripping lift. We huddled together as water found its way down beneath our jackets and slid down our necks and backs. Spring is such a temperamental thing. Why just last weekend we were skiing in drifts of fluffy snow and one week later, here we are taking showers on the lifts and sloshing around slurpy like ski trails, praying to the man upstairs to not let a knee be blown or worse. You all know what I am talking about. …ski, ski, ski, stop, lurch…what the???


But you know what? We still had a great time! It wasn’t cold, so the rain was manageable. We made a few runs, enjoyed the fantastic people watching and took in the festivities…well, as much as some non-costumed clad, church skipping folks could. And guess what? The sun broke her way through the clouds, just in time for all of Solitude’s truest fans who were huddled in the parking lot to really let loose for the last few hours of the 2010/2011 season!


This year was a memorable one and with snow totals at thirty year highs, Solitude was able to share her deepest thanks to all of us who made her our playground throughout the season. She was a gracious host and blessed us each day with her thrilling terrain and copious amounts of snow. We are all grateful for the hard work and dedication of her employees and to all those who made it possible for us to shred her slopes over this amazingly epic winter!

Until the slopes melt and the bike trails open…Hasta la vista, baby!

A FEW OF SOLITUDE’S AWE INSPIRING LOCALS and my little guys…of course…

Hand Warmers…Anyone?

It’s not like we haven’t had a few sunny, warm days to remind us that spring is truly upon us but in the last few weeks it has felt more like January than April. Not that I am complaining, I mean who wouldn’t want to ski fresh powder on a daily basis well into the spring thaw? Over the past few days, Solitude has received over 30 inches of snow…30 INCHES OF SNOW!!! There is so much snow up in the canyons that we could be skiing well into June, that is, if you would rather be skiing than swimming at the pool.

That's ALOT of snow for April!

Either way, with the 17th quickly approaching and another storm on the horizon, an extra week or two or three would be nice. The funny thing is this, I don’t want to keep skiing because the conditions are phenomenal…I want a few days of warm sunshine. I want to kick back at The Roundhouse and catch some rays. I want to wear my “skinny girl” stuff and not look like the Pillsbury Dough boy every time I don my ski gear. I want to bump tunes as I bounce through the crud and sticky slush. As much as I lust for winter powder, it would be fantastic to have a few extra weeks to carve it up with nothing but a sweatshirt and spring gloves. Don’t you think? I mean, spring gloves…what the heck are those? I wouldn’t know, I am still sporting my heavy winter mittens stuffed with hand warmers.

Noah chilling in the village...Brrrr....

I know, I know, there aren’t enough employees to keep the doors open and people are thinking about boating, hiking and biking and definitely not wishing for more snow but, I just can’t help myself…it’s what I dream about. I guess, in my enthusiasm for the white stuff I should be darn grateful that I don’t live in a flood zone. Some of the folks around here are getting a little nervous with the continuing flakes and deepening drifts.

Noah catching a little air...PHOTO BY: Jason West

Jason West catching some good air!

It sure has been an epic snow year though and it is times like this when I openly wonder what the whole global warning crisis is really about? I mean from West Coast to East Coast, this winter has been HUGE! Crystal Mountain, WA (my home mountain) is expecting to stay open until June 1st with 60 FEET of snow atop their passes. I might be crying about Solitude’s looming closing date but, rest assured our snow is every bit as deep and so much better than said resort’s snowpack. Thank goodness for Utah flakes and an always predictable snow fall. I guess, the silver lining here is that we have had an amazing year with plenty of uber light face shots to keep us going until next winter’s frost. I suppose I should just should wish for a gradual warm up before the heat really kicks in and torments the valley. I guess it’s time to start thinking about getting my bike tuned up instead of my skis.

6 days and counting so get up to Solitude, rip it up and don’t forget your hand warmers!

Mountain Goats in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon...Isn't she gorgeous!

Solitude’s DEVO Team Wraps up a GREAT Year!

You have probably heard me mention once or twice about Solitude’s Development Team on this blog and let me tell you it is a wonderful program. The Development Team also known as DEVO is headed up by Head Coach, Jeff Handwerk and his crew of experienced coaches who each gave their time and talents to create an enjoyable 2010/11 season for the 30 or so lucky kids who got to spend their Saturdays ripping at Solitude!

The youngest members of DEVO are all smiles with their favorite Coach, Gerrard!

Because the DEVO Team limits the number of participants each year, it fosters an intimate learning and specialized training experience for children ages 6-13.  Although, the emphasis is on correct technique, stance and race development, Solitude’s coaches make sure the kids do not get burned out with plenty of off trail skiing and the chance to discover Solitude’s many secrets and epic terrain found beyond the race course.

Cutting some pow in Headwall.

Solitude’s DEVO Team prides themselves on a competent level of instruction and talent but, the small time, laid back feel that makes Solitude so great also permeates through the DEVO Team and its staff. You won’t find a lot of attitude or egotistical personalities but, what you will find are happy, enthusiastic kids who love to spend their Saturdays on the hill with their coaches rather than in front of a television set. However, just because Solitude does not have a large, super competitive race team, they definitely produce their fair share of competitive racers who can hold their own along side the more predominant, bigger race programs. Solitude also gives their youth the experience, discipline and skills to continue on in racing…if they so choose.

Having a little fun with the DEVO Team at the top of the Bump Race.

The DEVO Team was a wonderful choice for my boys, Noah and Isaac, who like to ski off trail but, who needed the extra time spent working on the little things that will ultimately make them that much better. I looked at several programs before settling on this one and was fortunate to be able to get my boys in before the Team filled up. Early on, there were plenty of Saturdays where one or all of us weren’t really psyched about waking up and heading up the canyon but, by the middle of the season DEVO became our routine and I was glad that we made sure our boys were able to ski every single Saturday. Did I mention that DEVO runs almost EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY OF THE ENTIRE SEASON!!!

Thanks Gerrard!

Under the direction of Solitude’s Snowsports Academy Director, Leif Grevle, Jeff Handwerk has been given the reigns to offer the most affordable and proficient development program in the state! They have made it possible for more local families to enjoy the amazing benefits that Solitude and it’s DEVO Team offers. This is truly the BEST deal in Utah and the families and children who participate are truly the BEST as well. You won’t find a more enjoyable group of kids and parents anywhere. The camaraderie and fellowship between staff, participants and parents made the whole DEVO experience that much more enjoyable and exciting.

Isaac's favorite Norwegian Ski School Director...The Loveable Leif Grevle!

I guess what I am really trying to say is THANK YOU (to everyone) for such a fun and entertaining winter season! We are already looking forward to next season!

Jeff Handwerk (top right) and 2010/11 DEVO Team (CLICK ON PHOTO FOR FULL PICTURE)


Buds...Noah and Shady

Two Punks...Tristan and Noah

For more information on Solitude’s Snow Sports Academy and the DEVO Team please follow this link:

Spring Skiing…It’s a love/hate kind of a thing!

The weather is playing havoc on my ski psyche right now. One minute it is snowing, then it is raining and then of course the sunshine comes out and melts everything away. I guess we are in Utah and Spring is a crazy thing here! The last week or so has been a plethora of all things skiing just three different seasons rolled into one.
Day one, I was shoveling copious amounts of snow off my driveway so, I could get myself up to Solitude while the snow was still fresh and untracked. While I just assumed everyone else was shoveling so they could get to work or school, it never crossed my mind that were all thinking the same thing. Duh! Guess everyone had the same idea as me. Was it a Tuesday or a holiday weekend? By the looks of things President’s Weekend had extended into March.

Hey Bosses! Any Cars Look Familiar?

Little Cottonwood was shut down for avi control and the cars were lined up. Even Big was a little backed up. I believe there were more business calls being made in the Summit line than there were fatty’s and bright orange powder cords (yeah, some people actually had those…hehe). Skipping out on the real world was worth it though (most of you would know)….well, as long as you made it before eleven and before the sun started working its black magic on the deep Utah snow. Whew, that was a workout! My legs were actually wasted by the time I waltzed into Noah’s second grade classroom an half hour late (classroom helper) so, I could get my little self up to Solitude to ski the goods. I guess that’s just the way life goes for a ski mom, doesn’t it?

The sun is starting to do her thing in parachute.

So much snow...Honeycomb closed for good reason!

A day or two later the sun rose bright and early calling my name to head back up the canyons. This time Noah and his buddy Carter joined me for a toasty day on the slopes. As much as I love the cold and feathery powder, a little warm sunshine never hurt anybody. Solitude always attracts the chillers. You know, the guys who are always at the end of the Moonbeam lot sitting in their lawn chairs, kicking back with a brewsky or two, catching rays and maybe just maybe a run if they are lucky. When the weather is mild these guys come out in full force. If you are really in the loop, you know most of these dudes go by the nickname FOGs (funny old guys). I love em! They make me feel right at home and they have staked Solitude as their territory back probably before I even knew what skiing was! Well, somedays you just want to be a FOG (funny old girl) so, a few runs into it we decided it was time to go chill at Sunshine grill and get some burgers (in my case a veggie burger) and soak up the scenery. There are very few days in the season where you actually feel like you can shed your coat, kick up your boots and hang mid mountain to work on your tan. Friday was one of those beautiful, warm spring days that makes you just want to chill, relax and take it easy. What a gorgeous place to have lunch and the burgers weren’t too shabby either!

Noah and Carter macking the burgers at Sunshine Grill!

All those slackers who had skipped out on whatever they were supposed to be doing were non existent again (well, except for the FOGs) and Solitude was back to being Solitude. No one in sight, uhhh, except for the patrol reminding the little guys to check their speed at the slow signs. Naughty, Naughty!

Carter, Noah and Tristan reminding us all to SLOW DOWN!

The terrain park was in tip top shape and the immaculately manicured groomers were buttery soft and super carvable. Sometimes, chill days are just what the doctor ordered and they always make spring and the impending warm weather bearable.

There were still some goods left in Headwall Forest...Noah shows how to carve em up!

Carter finds a little something, something in Headwall.

And...he's 8!

However, some days, things just don’t seem to come together and Saturday was one of those days. The sun had warmed the snow up enough that off trail it had become knee popper heavy and the flat light made the rest of the mountain seem a little treacherous. Sometimes, you just know that if you keep it up you may just end up in the first aid clinic with the patrol (who would have a field day if I happened to end up in there on a toboggan). Well, the skies couldn’t get it together and either could I. After looking like a gaper in Honeycomb (see, I can admit these things…sometimes) and watching the patrol load up a few other unlucky skiers, I decided to bail. I know, I know…wussbag! At 1:30 I snaked Isaac and Noah from DEVO and headed down the canyon…in a snowstorm…then rain…then sunshine. Erghhh, spring has arrived! Spring snowstorms and sunshine I can hang with, flat light and drizzle…not so much. As long as the snow is falling or the sun is shining, spring skiing is alive and well up in the canyons and I am there. Overcast? I don’t know, I’ll probably be sitting at the computer writing about skiing instead of doing it.

Here’s To You, Friends and Family!

Skiing with friends and family is always more fun than skiing alone.

Carter Budge tearing up Honeycomb!

I won’t lie…having skied exclusively in Little Cottonwood for the past ten years or so, I was a little worried about not having anyone to ski with so, when I decided to move the fam to new territory, I admit to a little trepidation and uncertainty.

I am not one of those self motivator types who can get out and rally all day by myself. I like to have someone to talk to and laugh with and more importantly a little friendly competition never hurt anybody. I like to be pushed and I really like to push others and get them out of their comfort zone. At any rate, I was used to always running into someone at Alta or the Bird who was up for a few thigh burners. I am not entirely a new face as I did ski Solitude for a few years (back when I still had youthful knees and goggle face was still really cool) and it has been exciting to sort of rekindle the old flame.

Noah and Carter Scoping Their Lines

Solitude has grown on me these past few months and as I begin to feel comfortable with the employees and with the locals who love their mountain, I have tied myself to her passions and secrets and to the allure of Solitude’s breathtakingly peaceful slopes and the quiet power that breathes life into those who step inside her world.

Blue Skies and Groomers...Not All That Bad!

New faces have come into my ski life and it makes skiing Solitude that much more fun.
Lately, it seems there is always someone to ski with and get out and stomp around and get a little crazy with. Many times it is my own sons who are “coming into their own” and fulfilling my need for what was that?…oh yeah, a little friendly competition. No, I am not really the overbearing, worried parent but more the competitive fun type who ends up pushing rather than pulling. You could say, I make sure they know I can still rip them down the mountain (probably not for long though) but, in a positive reinforcing way…lol!

Issac Hanging with his DEVO Class

Noah and Carter Traversing Out To Milkrun

I love skiing with my boys and their friends and I love what Solitude has done for them! Noah learned how to ski at Alta but, he has stepped up his game and found his own passion for the sport at Solitude. He knows the mountain as well as I do, if not better, and loves showing me lines that he has discovered with his coaches and DEVO friends. Noah was as nervous as I was to ski Solitude this year and has finally come to love the new friends he has made and the different terrain which is challenging but conquerable.
Isaac looks forward each week to skiing with his coach, Gerrard and hanging with his favorite new buddy, Matty. Solitude has become second nature to them both and it is so fun to watch them thrive on her slopes.

Isaac's Buddy, Matty, Smiling For The Camera

Nobody likes the unknown or to feel uncomfortable but Solitude has become a part of my family this season whether she likes it or not! So, this blog is to you friends, family and ski acquaintances who have made this winter such a blast!


The Goods…Worth the Wait!

I almost turned around this morning and went home…almost. Did one of the biggest dumps of the year really have to happen on a Friday night? This morning rolled around to massive snow outside and massive lines of people who wanted up the canyon to partake of the white goods. I live at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon and knew that the line would probably be backed up to 2300 East. I headed out of my neighborhood and headed west to Highland. Wasatch was going to be a zoo and I didn’t want to get stuck in LCC’s traffic. Both canyons were closed until 9:00 so that UDOT could take care of business. All this snow means high avalanche danger and if you live around here you know what that means for our canyons…especially LCC. I cruised up Bengal and emerged onto Wasatch missing the backup on 9400 South. I couldn’t believe what I saw. President’s Weekend was last week…WTH! Cars as far as the eye could see. People were partying on Wasatch and the only thing moving was the flashing lights of the police as they cruised past to take care of whatever business was at hand. Turn around I thought? I looked at my boys in the back who would probably be just as happy playing the WII all day. I was the one super stoked to get out of the house this morning…not them. I thought of all things I could accomplish on a Saturday off of skiing but, the assured knowledge of soft, fluffy, waist deep powder kept me on the straight and narrow. Slowly, we began moving and as I finally turned up Big Cottonwood Canyon I knew I was committed, no matter what! Skiers were swarming over the bus stop and the sides of the road trying to hitch up the canyon…probably because the ever present cops were turning back anyone without 4 wheel drive. As soon as my trusty Volvo was waived passed by the unhappy copper, I was shocked to find that the road cleared right up and I thankfully cruised up the canyon without any further delays.

Thank the man above I stuck with my desire for powder because it was beyond sweet. Yeah, there were probably a lot of people cruising around Solitude but, Noah, Tristan and I didn’t notice them as we ripped our first run through Eagle Gate. Isaac had happily disappeared with his DEVO class and I let Noah miss his race to shred the pow pow. We also picked up one of his fellow DEVO buddies who decided he would rather free ski than wait around to find out what his results were from his race.

Traversing For Sweets!

The snow was deep and light and blew up around us as we bounced down untracked run after untracked run. When you are 8 and 9 respectively, 20 inched of freshies (which were still piling up) takes on a whole new meaning. Tristan and Noah were whooping and yelling as they followed me off rock bands and through drooping pines bent with the weight of the newly fallen snow. Breathing powder doesn’t happen every day and when you are sucking up the famous dry stuff that skier dreams are made of, you have to be grateful that you live in a state that claims “The Greatest Snow on Earth!”

Here Be Dragons...and Little Rippers!

Noah Catching Some Famous Utah Fluff!

There was a slight hiccup in our perfect day when little Tristan lost his ski on Evergreen. After a few minutes of searching, I became unhappily aware that we could be there for awhile. Of course, Tristan was trying to make it back to hear the results of his race when he rolled in a deep snow drift and lost his rockers (literally).  It wasn’t like he could just ski out of the rock band which lay below us with one ski and I definitely didn’t want to return someone else’s kid without a ski so, 2 hours later, a few tears, frozen fingers (Noah…not me…I was sweating you know what), prayers…and cuss words (I won’t lie), the mini Rossi finally was found…thank you kind stranger!

Missing the awards ceremony by a good hour and a half,  we finally cruised into Moonbeam to warm up. The day started off crazy, had some epic moments in between along with ahemmm…hiccup….but ultimately, I wouldn’t have traded the d*m* lost ski for missing the goods to sit at home. So glad I didn’t turn the car around when I really, truly wanted to.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that Tristan won the GOLD in his race!!! He WON and didn’t get to hear them call his name. Oh well, hopefully, his mom will forgive me and let him come rip it up again sometime soon!

Congrats Tristan G.!

Yes, THE SKI!!!! Tristan Must have known he won GOLD!

Oops, I Did It Again!

Well, while the war rages on my Facebook page and the folks at home have nothing better to do than throw spitballs at each other, I decided to take my eight year old Noah OUT TO HONEYCOMB!

"Sure mom, there is nothing better to ski. No sun, crunchy snow...let's go!"

"It sure is pretty out here!"

"How am I doing mom...are we almost there yet?"

"I think I can, I think I can."

"You were right, mom, this is SUPER soft and SWEET!

"Thanks, mom, YOU ARE THE BEST!"

"See ya next time!"

The ????? Line


Ahhh…The sun is shining, the winds are calm and for the moment, spring is in the air. This is Utah so I know not to get too used to the sunshine as the weather here is some of the wackiest. Snow will head in and the temperatures will drop (which we really want to happen anyway) and hand warmers will once again be all the rage. But, for now it’s nice to don the spring gloves and light layers and soak up some sunshine! After a week of real estate classes (my license expires this month), writing, kids and everything else that goes along with being a mom, I felt like I just wanted to burn off some calories and get some much needed exercise. Sometimes, skiing is just not much of a workout when you do it so much. You got to mix it up a little so after dropping the extra baggage (kidlets) off at DEVO, I decided it was the perfect morning to escape out of the gates for a little action.

Picking up another DEVO dad (don’t worry, he is married), for a little company and also as a safety measure, we headed over to Summit Lift. The sun baked, east facing slopes out of the Powderhorn gate made my lust for soft pow even greater and I began to get excited for the line that was going to make my day perfect. It has been a few days since the last pummel of fresh snow and with the warmer temps and skier laden canyons I knew that where I was headed may just be one of the last untouched stashes left in either canyon without a major hike to wear me out. DEVO Dad, who had never been out to my little secret stash was eager to learn a bit more about the mountain which he regularly skis with his family.

DD could definitely hang when it came to traversing and side stepping so we made our way out to the “stash” fairly quickly. As we traversed along the north facing slope of Honeycomb and made our way over chunks of avi debris (man made) and set up, crunchy snow my DEVO dad wasn’t 100 percent sure that soft as feather powder was waiting for him around the next bend. I was promising a sick line, deep powder and the Holy Grail of Solitude so, I knew I couldn’t disappoint. I have skied this line weeks after a dump and it always perfection so, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

As we traversed around the corned into the coolness of the pines and aspens, the snow went from wind packed to sugar as it began to softly blow about our skis as we pushed along the trail. Emerging into the narrow opening that was to be our run with the beautiful empty canyon smiling at us from far below our mouths broke into grins. Taking a moment to let our hearts stop racing from the super fast trek and tighten our boots down only made our anticipation greater. DD couldn’t believe what he was seeing and both of us couldn’t wait for the ensuing moments. “You ready to hit it” I said. “Let’s go” came the reply.

The world disappeared with each turn and I became lost in the beauty of the mountains, the steady rhythm of my turns and the soft snow which gave way to each flawless carve as I made my way down the perfectly pitched slope. At the top, the pines which were ideally spaced beckoned me to cruise in and out and I did so with ease. The stillness and peacefulness of the moment seemed only broken by my own breathing and the random holler of joy that erupted from somewhere behind me every so often. The trees gave way to fun little rollers and gullies which just asked to be hopped over and carved up. After popping over the last big roller with a giggle erupting from somewhere within, I finally came to a stop and looked upwards. Seconds later, DEVO Dad cruised over the last steep pitch with a grin as wide as the canyon. “That was so awesome!” he said. He couldn’t believe that such perfect snow could be found at Solitude (on such a warm day with the last snowfall a week earlier). “It is so beautiful, the line, the pitch, the rollers, the snow…” I smiled to myself. It is a perfect run and no matter when I take the time to hike out, it never disappoints. Maybe the last little bit of road that you have to return on dampens the joy…but just a tiny bit…not enough to stop me from heading back out for round two!

We were back at Eagle express in under 30 minutes and it seemed so surreal that we had just gone from that to this. The moment had passed and as we settled onto the lift I glanced over and saw the twinkle in DEVO Dad’s eyes. I am most certain he was looking forward to the next time he would make the trek out…perhaps to share the pure perfection of this run with another unknowing friend. Or, perhaps he may just keep this little bit of new information to himself so, he can be certain that the next time (and I know there will be a next time) he is out there that it is still just as pristine and untouched as his very first line.

Oh, did I forget to mention the name of my favorite run in the Wasatch? Well, I guess I did and I think I will just leave it unnamed. You may already know where I am talking about or you may be able to figure it out from my description but if you don’t and you are really dying to know, you will just have to find this year’s resort issue of SKI magazine. I took so much heat from my mentioning this particular run in SKI that I promised I would NEVER EVER do it again. Besides, part of what makes this run so special is that it’s…well…EMPTY!


Valentine’s at Solitude……Why Not?

High above the hustle and bustle of the Salt Lake Valley, unassumingly tucked away in The Inn at Solitude, can be found the Solitude Mountain Spa.

Solitude’s spectacular peaks and snow drenched slopes are some of Utah’s finest creations.  This quiet, peaceful and unpretentious resort entices visitors from all over to come and experience the famous Wasatch snow and exciting terrain in a friendly, low-key environment. Solitude, for the most part, is considered a day use area with many visitors coming up from the valley. This is a result of most skiers and boarders who park in the lower lot and give little thought to the quaint Bavaria

nesque village which is situated at the base of the Apex Lift. Many unknowingly pass the village by with little more than a glance at the clock tower as it strikes the passing hours. If you take the time to step onto the cobbled paths which meander through the picturesque village you will find that Solitude has more to offer than just the Moonbeam Lodge and incredible skiing. Restaurants, shops and cozy European lodging will take you back to yesteryear when life was simpler and the pace of every day life was just a little slower.

The Solitude Mountain Spa encompasses this notion of peace and relaxation and although, you will find that this is not a 5 star spa with glitzy amenities abounding, you will discover that it does deliver 5 star quality, service and a friendly, cozy atmosphere without the cost of larger more decadent spas.

Owned by Solitude Mountain Resort and managed by the incredibly knowledgeable and talented Suzanne Hawk the spa offers a fantastic selection of treatments, facials, massages and packages as well as the opportunity to create your own package perfectly suited to you. Suzanne and her staff of experienced estheticians and massage therapists are trained to know exactly how to treat and relieve ski specific soreness and fatigue as well as restoring and pampering the skin with treatments designed for clients who spend their time out of doors in the sun and elements. Whether your idea of relaxation is a 20 minute escape from the kids at lunch or 5 hours of pampering with your favorite friends, The Solitude Mountain Spa has something for everyone.

Only 20 minutes from Salt Lake means that it’s not just the tourists who should take advantage of this little sanctuary nestled modestly in the natural, alpine setting of the Wasatch but, locals as well should take advantage of the opportunity to detox the mind and relax the body in the most perfect of locations. Grab a friend and head up the canyon for a facial and warm, blissful stone massage or just come up for a custom pedicure sure to beat the quick ones found in the city.

With Valentine’s just around the corner, The Solitude Mountain Resort as well as the Spa is the ideal location for a romantic getaway. If you don’t have time for an overnight stay just come up for a massage for two and a romantic dinner at St. Bernards. Solitude is the ultimate surprise for your Valentine and Solitude has made it easy with a custom Valentine’s package designed just for you!

Solitude’s Sweetheart Deal can be found at this link:

For more information on the Solitude Mountain Spa check out You will be able to find all of the services offered as well as any specials that may be available.