Do it…Play Hookie!

I (we all) have been waiting for this day all year! Saturday was cold, blowing and nuking and it was definitely the beginning of something immanently good and, today, well today delivered and good ol’ Utah powder is finally back in the house!

Don't tell me there isn't snow!

Although, there are still some spots that are still waiting for a few more feet (ahem, Here Be Dragons) of solid coverage, the mountain is finally looking like it should…drenched in white! Runs are now open that have sat untouched since last season and most of my favorite stashes are rippable (I know that is not a real word…just go with it). In fact, the only places that I want to ski that I can’t, are closed because of unstable conditions and too much snow not for lack of it.

Hey, where did my son go?

I knew I was skiing this morning, even though I had to ditch some important tasks and I knew I was pulling at least one of the groms out of school to join me (I think I need to find a Solitude posse). It wasn’t even a question. I got Isaac squared away and then showed up at Noah’s school around 11:00 a.m. to free him from the third grade. The girls in the office know what I am about and when I showed up in neon yellow ski pants with fresh snow falling outside they didn’t even bother to question where I was taking my kid. Why lie? Skiing, dentists, doctors, it’s pretty much all the same thing. Serious business you know, that thing called powder.


I passed two Park N’ Ride’s for Little Cottonwood Canyon and the cars were piled up…looked like everyone had the same idea. However, upon arriving at Solitude’s parking lot which was not even half full, I pulled right up to the Moonbeam front doors and parked. Not a soul was in the brown bag area and Noah and I quickly booted up and headed outside. A woman was coming in as we were heading out and I asked her how the snow was (just being polite). She said that it was good early on but, now it was all tracked out and she was heading home. I looked at her and smiled and then thought to myself “Where was she skiing, Diamond Lane (which actually still looked pretty decent when we went up Powderhorn)?” I laughed inside because I knew, even though it was 11:30 that we were about to get some serious something, something! Besides, the fact that fellow riders were few and far between, it was snowing hard enough to quickly fill in whatever was “skied out” early in the morning. Granted we weren’t on the main runs, but, hey, I didn’t pull out the Noahmeister to ski anything but steep and deep!

In case any of you are wondering what and where we actually skied, here it is, three hours of pure, peaceful, snowy joy. Powderhorn lift to Here Be Dragons (a little sketchy getting in). Honeycomb Return to Navarone (first time all year there has been enough snow to get back there), two times. Back to Powderhorn and through the gates to Milk Run. Summit to Headwall. Summit to Cathedral. Standing at the top of Cathedral is one of the most glorious spots at Solitude and skiing it (with fresh snow) is always worth the sidestepping. Summit and a hike out past Buckeye Junior, last run in Queen Bess and that was that. Had to head down to pick up the other munchkin.

Having gotten called out on my last post by fellow skiers when I stated that a “behemoth” of a storm was coming, I am going to refrain from saying that any such thing happened or is possibly going to happen but, I will say that, today, Mother Nature did not disappoint. She came through and if any of you are considering a momentary lapse of reason and want to skip out on your responsibilities, now would be a good time to do so. The wet weather looks like it should continue for a few days and trust me, you will be sorry if you miss out!

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