Fine Dining Worth The Hike

Solitude Mountain Resort Yurt

Our guide explains the history and structure of the Mongolian yurt at Solitude Resort

The moon was hidden behind the frosty mountains as we wound our way over the wooded snowshoe trail to Solitude Resort’s yurt. Three or four of us carried lanterns to assist the group of diners- roughly 20 of us- to the structure located about a mile away from the base of the resort. Energy ran high as we picked our way through the forest, some stumbling over the snowshoes strapped on their feet and laughing as they learned a new way of walking.

Putting on Snowshoes at Solitdue

Getting ready with provided gear

Hidden away at Solitude, it is not surprising if you haven’t heard of the yurt dining experience. An observant rider may catch a glimpse of the round, tent-like structure while riding the Sunrise chair, but other than that, this restuarant- though I hesitate to call it that as the dining area is intimately limited to 22- is strategically located to create a solitary mountain experience.

A warm glow intensified as we neared the yurt, and though the sub-freezing temperatures didn’t stop our cheerful spirits, we were eager to remove our snowshoes and step inside…

What’d we find?

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