Ice Cream For Sure…Skip The Cherries

I said I would blog about today and so here I am doing what I do best. “Spraying”, as my old friend, John E. at Atomic used to call it, is what I do so, here goes. First of all, I am not going to say something that isn’t true so, no cherries today because it wasn’t as deep as I had thought it was going to be. However, I actually hate cherries, especially those mushy things out of the can that people put on their Sundays so, I am actually okay with just the ice cream. Vanilla, fresh and creamie…is just the way I like it. Today was Vanilla! I am going to spray about today because I believe that 1% of you actually got out today to enjoy the foot of pow from yesterday’s storm.

I don’t know about Little Cottonwood Canyon but, Big was surprisingly empty. Noah, his buddy Carter and I pulled into the lot at 9:15 and we parked, once again, right in our usual spot. Hardly a soul was around. I know you all got your goods yesterday while I sat in church but, geez, no love for a Monday? Who’s complaining? Not me and definitely not the lifties who got their fair share of turns in! In fact one, operator, Neve, back on the Honeycomb Return Lift, claimed that his morning had been magical. MAGICAL…You hear that boys and girls! Magic was happening all morning while you all did your thing down in the valley.

We had three hours to kill before the boys had to head back to school and trust me, we found everything that you missed yesterday incuding untouched pow in Honeycomb. The gates opened just in time for three killer lines down the west side of the canyon. Mmmm…Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, you name it we found it and devoured it. I am not going to go on and on as if I haven’t ever skied powder but I just had to “spray” the fact that yes…I got some today!  I guess that with so few days of it this season it’s hard to contain my excitement? I am going to let the following photos of Noah and Carter fill you in on the rest of whatever it is that I am trying to say.

P.S. the next few days should be just as nice so, why don’t you find an excuse to come up and partake in the MAGIC!

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