Skiing the Deepest “2 inches” of Powder

Photo: Brian Thurber

The caption above explains just how I feel about skiing yesterday. The double punch of being both a snow day and President’s day, I headed up to Solitude just after lunch hoping to miss at least a portion of the crowd. Nearing the first entry, the sight of an unusually packed parking lot hit my eyes. Cars were spilling out onto the shoulder of the highway. Ugh. There goes my powder day… if you can call two inches of snow a “powder day.”

However, as a Solitude regular, I should know better than to ever be worried about finding snow. As if rewarding my efforts to ski, the resort always hands over a plentiful amount, and yesterday was no exception. Giving over the groomed runs to the holiday skiers and checking out the off-piste, there were suddenly no crowds and…

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