Spring Skiing Last Week, Crazy Kids in Between and Bottomless Tomorrow!

I wished that I could have been up in the mountains today but, for all you powder junkies who got up there and skied pow all day without me…kuddos to you…you lucky dogs! Howevs, while most of you get back behind your desks tomorrow, I will be cruising over your tracks that are now buried beneath a bottomless blanket of white. HALLEFREAKINLUJAH! It’s about time, right?

I promise to let you know how that goes for me tomorrow but, for now, let me fill in the last week. Most of you know that although we haven’t had a lot in the way of storms the last week or so, doesn’t mean that the skiing isn’t any good. Quite the contrary my friends, it has been downright springy and sweet in a laid back, chill kind of way. Honeycomb has been super fun to explore with the kids, who love the hidden tree trails and natural jumps and pipes that make Woodlawn one huge organic terrain park at the moment. Challenger is super fast and furious and the bumps all over the mountain are building up some much needed thigh muscles. I am telling you…good stuff!

February doesn’t usually allow for too much tailgating, but with the recent warm sun, the lounge chairs and grills have been getting their groove on in the Moonbeam parking lot. Who’s complaining about that? Nothing like barbeque, family, friends and good skiing to keep your spirits high.

Last Saturday was my cousin, Liz’s birthday and she celebrated in typical Solitude style. Happy Birthday Liz! It was great to hang with family and rip up the mountain. The kids scored some good eats in the parking lot and showed off their mountain and their skills to anyone who would follow them around. My boys had so much fun that they wore themselves out to the point of exhaustion and that is where my happy little story ends.

And now, for the comedy…featuring us. In case any of you were standing in line at the bottom of Moonbeam and the shrieks of two young boys sprawled out across the snow caught your attention last Saturday, let me explain. Isaac was skating as fast as he could past Moonbeam so that he could cruise down to Eagle when Noah came up behind him and pushed him as hard as he could. Of course, Isaac fell face first onto the hard snow and consequently got entangled in Noah’s gear. So there they were, two brothers who don’t want to be closer than two feet at any given time, were snarled up in a heaping, angry mess. Enter, me, who whacks Noah across the back of his helmet with my pole only to have him fall over and scream to the world that I could have killed him. Seriously. Neither boy cares that they are each freaking out in front of about 40 people who are intently staring at all of us and making their dear mother wish that she could be anywhere else in the world. And then it happened, the only thing I could do was call it as it was so, I turned around, faced the crowd and in my loudest voice announced “Welcome to the Hodson show, I hope that you have enjoyed it” and then I bowed. Noah, finally realizing the situation that he had caused, jumped up (I guess he wasn’t injured by his mom after all) and skied off as fast as he could. I picked Isaac up, gave a last wave to the crowd and headed out of sight. I am sure most of you would rather forget such a scene but, I would dare bet that some of you reading this blog witnessed my little crisis and I am just here to let you know that yes, even me, sweet little Rachael (not) loses it!

Now, it’s a week later, everyone is fine, everyone is skiing and having a grand time and it is as if nothing ever happened…well, except that now, I am writing about it and immortalizing our insanity forever. What the heck is my deal? I am not sure if this stuff is really what Solitude is hoping that I write about but, I am supposed to be blogging about my ski days and well, sometimes, skiing isn’t always ice cream with cherries on top. Hey, that is a good headline for tomorrow’s epic powder day. Let’s see if it happens for me!

P.S. In case you are an administrator at Granite Elementary…please be forewarned that the Hodson boys will NOT be in class tomorrow.

Scott and Isaac Downing Some Serious Grub in the Parking Lot

Nice Turns in Honeycomb Chris C.!

Isaac Playing in His Favorite Secret Trail in Honeycomb

Yesterday, Saturday...THIS is why I LOVE Solitude!

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