The Warm Before The Storm

Shelly Poulton (Solitude Girl!) Loving the Sun!

There’s a behemoth of a storm coming…or so they say. The next couple of days should be epic, that’s right, I said it…EPIC! Just in time for all the vacationer’s to rip some serious snow. Can I shed one tear for timing though? I am sorry guys, I am happy for everyone who has the weekend off and who will get to come up and ski in the famous Utah pow (although, tomorrow may be a little intense for anyone not used to a serious Wasatch blizzard) but, I am just a wee bit sad that the hill isn’t going to be all mine. I am sure there are a few locals out there who are probably on my side on this one. Am I right or am I right? Why not a couple of days ago or better yet, next Tuesday when everyone is back at work. Oh well, I guess I can’t complain too hard seeing how I really am as excited about this supposed dump as the rest of you snow hounds out there and everyone who has paid the big bucks to come and support Utah and her mountains!

What Can I Say...I Love This Kid!

Noah Getting Some Sun Baked Goodness in Parachute

But, lets talk about today for a second because oh baby was it warm and beautiful! You know that warm before the storm thing that happens in Utah before the BIG ONE hits. Temperatures raise to 50 in the valley and it feels like spring for a few minutes and then, WHAM…flipping blizzard and two feet of snow! I think that was what was going on today. It was definitely nice enough to shed your coat this afternoon and chill out at The Roundhouse and enjoy a burger on the deck with friends. Plenty of people did just that and good times were had by everyone who decided to kick back and relax slope side. You could smell barbeque all the way at the top of Eagle!

Burgs at the Roundhouse

Christan and Noah Checking Out The Goods

These Guys Are Loving Life!

The crazy thing was that for all the cars in the parking lot and all the people that had to be on the slopes, it really wasn’t that busy. I don’t know what it is about Solitude but, somehow it always seems to live up to its name. Baffles the mind. Maybe we (the locals) will get lucky this weekend and shred some untouched turns even though it is President Day Weekend? We are skiing Solitude right? I suppose I shouldn’t worry about it too much…besides, cha-ching, cha-ching goes the registers.

So, back to today, I was pleasantly surprised by the snow conditions even after a few days of warm temperatures and the absence of flurries. The north facing lines in Honeycomb were still fluffy in the shade and Noah and I ripped down them without a soul around. I even let a holler roll out of my throat as I hopped over small tree covered in winter’s blanket of white. Sheer happiness can be found if you only look…no matter what conditions or holidays exist!

Honeycomb...Still Giving it Up Days Later!

Today was great but tomorrow…tomorrow…can’t wait to see what it brings!!!

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