Just Add Chocolate

I just stumbled across one of the greatest things I’ve heard all season. No, it’s not a miraculous powder dump on my favorite mountain. It’s not that winter will be extended into next season. These are spectacular thoughts, I admit, but it’s spring and closing day is just over two weeks away. With those facts in mind, what could possibly be one of the greatest things I’ve heard all season?

To get the answer, let me ask you one more thing: how can one possibly make skiing- heck, anything in life- even better? The answer: Just add chocolate. According to the resort bulletin I caught this morning, that’s precisely what Solitude is doing tomorrow.

Skiing + Chocolate = perfection. Both are sensual experiences, enveloping you in a state of focused concentration. Both skiing and chocolate entice intense cravings; both are worthy of addiction. Both release endorphins in your brain, giving you a euphoric rush. The very idea that I will be rewarded with one for participating in the other is close to causing sensory overload as I sit here in anticipation.

Not that there needs to be more incentives to devour this ancient treat, but Soli is giving away prizes for those who complete their chocolate passport. Surely, this implies that there will be more than one place to load up on chocolate. That’s right (ladies, do you hear me?)- the smooth, intoxicating cocoa bean concoction will be making its appearance all over the mountain. I’m so there.

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