Spring Skiing..Get it Before it’s Gone!

Spring Skiing is kind of like an Easter Basket filled on Sunday morning…you just never know what your going to get but, your probably going to like it! The last week has been filled with chocolate, ¬†sunshine, wind, dust on crust, chocolate, ice, grey skies, sunburns, sweatshirts, heavy coats, more chocolate, hand warmers, spring gloves, burgers at The Round House, hot cider indoors, chocolate, slush and even powder…yes, powder. Oh, and did I mention chocolate?

Hot chocolate and chcolate clusters at Solitude's annual Chocolate Lover's Tour...If you missed it, well, I am sorry!


Watch Solitude's page for information on next year's shindig.

Isaac loving the Creamie's from one of the many chocolate stands

Although, Solitude rarely is busy, the daily numbers are dwindling and the mountain is becoming an echo of the hustle of winter. Honeycomb Return is now closed for the season and most of the snowbirds have flown home but, for those of us who are still cruising up the canyon, skiing is still in the now. As much as I am ready for the next season to come with mountain biking, hiking, wakeboarding and swimming, I know it will be a LONG seven months before the flurries start flying so, I am getting my fill before it ends. Last year, we were skiing into June but, I don’t see that as even a remote possibility this year so, why not make the best of the next week or so and click in for a little spring fun.

Noah getting some pow on Monday morning.

Just make sure that you watch the weather and dress accordingly. I am not joking when I say, sweatshirts one day and heavy coats the next…it really is a basket of colored eggs out there.

Most of Salt Lake is on Spring Break so, why not finish off the week in the mountains, get some excercise and enjoying the last of winter before it’s gone. Happy Easter everyone and I will see you on the hill!

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