Paradise on a weekday

There is a first time for everything. I’m not sure if I was looking to seek some humility on the slopes but
I was pretty sure my first day on some telemarking gear would give me some. I mean, c’mon. $250 bucks on KSL for boots, skiis, bindings,
and even some skins!? Too good to pass up. So here I go hitting the slopes at Solitude. Of course I won’t have to worry about
running into anybody, literally, cause’ theres hardly anybody to run into. Just some creamy powder and what feels like my private
resort. We’ll, private except my buddy Steve who had to repeatedly show me how slow I really was on this tele gear.I never knew
the appeal of telemarking but I figure I would find out for myself. First thing I found out is if you get to far forward it feels like your
tripping forward. If you don’t catch yourself, over the handlebars you go. Other than that it was a blast. It was kind of fun trying
a new way to slide down the mountain. I will say that if I was on my downhill skiis I would have switched to the snowboard today
because that creamy powder setup was ripe for surfin’. We found that Eagle Express was closed the day before so to be skiing
5 inches of powder the day after was pretty good. Only at Solitude, I can guarantee that. We split over to Summit for a couple of runs
and the snow at the top had amazingly good consistency. As for you potatoes down in the valley saying we need more snow. Well, it’s
up here! The coverage was good and we hit a bunch of off piste skiing that was pretty fun. Looking across the Road at the South slope,
(reminds me of Park City) it’s as brown and snowless as you can imagine. Solitude is on the North slope baby, so get up here and have
some fun! Yes I am willing to share… I did with maybe the 100 or so lucky people that have the flexibility to enjoy paradise on
the weekday. See you on the slopes. I’m bringing the snowboard tomorrow!

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