Powder down your clothes and up your nose…Best feeling EVER!

Jill Adler takes care of business in Honeycomb. Photo By:Rachael Hodson

I really should have got something up a few days ago but, with holiday parties, kid’s school, hockey, writing assignments…oh and some GREAT snow conditions, I just haven’t managed to actually put my thoughts down on paper…or I should say cyberspace. So here goes. Unless, you are of the “I hate winter” mentality and are holed up in your house playing video games, you have probably noticed that there is white stuff outside and when there is white stuff outside that usually means there is something good up in our mountains. Well, since you all should know by now that I am of the “I need cold, wet weather” variety it should then be no surprise that I have not been holed up in my home the last week or so! In fact, if you have any sense about you at all, you have been breathing powder through your nose and working those quads right along with me!

Jill again…Can you believe I shot this picture!


Although early season conditions still exist, I am going to go out on a limb and proclaim to the world that I have already had more face shots over the last seven days than I had ALL last season. I am hoping that I don’t jinx the rest of the winter but, I am so grateful that the winter of 2011/12 is behind us and I am not maneuvering around rocks and stumps and even dirt. Happy sigh.

Happiness in a Poof! R.H.


I am also happy that through it all, many of you have joined me up at Soli as well as the other ski hills in our neck-of-the-woods. I really am! It is great to see Utah skiers and boarders so excited about the snow and I love seeing all of your faces covered in ice and flakes. I have enjoyed the hollers echoing through Honeycomb and Headwall and the grins permeating the lift lines. Well, I suppose I shouldn’t exactly use the term “lift lines” since we are talking Solitude here but, the smiles of the happy few who are possibly waiting for a friend or two as fellow powder hounds scoot quickly through to the lift.

Solitude’s own, Brian Thurber enjoying his “work benefits”!


I heard this morning on the news that skier numbers are down 33% from last year in Utah and I am here to tell you that if you are not lucky enough to live in this fine location then you should make sure you put Utah on your radar this winter and book your tickets NOW! I promise the skiing is fabulous! I won’t even be bothered if you decide to stay and play on my favorite little, big mountain. I know that even on the best of the best days you probably won’t find a line or crowd anywhere on this hill. There is something magical about Solitude that seems to hide the folks skiing here. I am always wondering where everyone is…even when the lot is full…like on Saturday?

3 thoughts on “Powder down your clothes and up your nose…Best feeling EVER!

  1. Is this the same Jill Alder that wrote in SKI Magazine that our network of lifts is confusing and that “patrol has been known to be overly cautious dropping ropes”? And now here she is seemingly enjoying the powder in Honeycomb Canyon. It’s a good thing the patrol goes out at first light to get this terrain open so people like Jill can enjoy it.

    • Yes, this is the one and only Jill Adler. We keep telling her not to put her foot in her mouth but somehow, she always does. I think she has seen the light of Solitude and is repenting of her sins. Are you Jill?

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