Sugar Therapy…Best for Moms

Although monster storm Brutus left us with some decent snow totals, it has been dry and warm ever since. In fact, I have been moping around wondering if it’s about time I gave another winter sport a try? One where there is climate control and where the conditions are always ripe, say, something like curling or figure skating or I know, I could join The Puck Girls and the Bikini Hockey League! Dad, what do you think about that? What? Huh? Oh, all right, I should probably learn to skate first. Besides, my smokin’ hot ski pal, Dawn Snyder already made the team so, I suppose I’ll just cheer her on and keep hoping for some good turns on the hill!

Having Some Fun on a Monday Morning- Rachael

Thankfully, before I spent money on some new curling stones and sweeping brooms, the weather channel started calling for high elevation snow. I wasn’t going to hold my breath but, I decided to put off my hopes for Olympic curling gold or goddess hockey status and wait and see if my aspirations for a solid powder morning would come to fruition. Besides, a sheet of pale ice and fluorescent lights probably wouldn’t cheer up this mountain girl’s need for wind, snow and vertical!

Rain pounded outside my window overnight and I crossed my fingers that a few miles up the mountain, snow would be falling. The early morning sun broke through lingering clouds and revealed dusted mountain peaks and I knew I would be getting some Monday morning glory in less than thirty!

Morning Sun On PowderHorn

It has been ten long years since I could just pick up and go. Ten long years of maybe I can get a sitter, maybe I will put the kids in ski school, maybe I will be skiing with the grommets and maybe I just won’t be skiing at all. Don’t get me wrong, I have spent ten years grooming two sick little skiers and having the time of my life, but can I get a HALLELUJAH for both boys in all day school! My husband whisked the groms out the door at 8:30 and I booked it up Big Cottonwood.

Jill Adler Playing in the Trees

5 inches of Sugar!

No one likes to ski alone so, I phoned one Utah mamma who I knew would be up for a chilly little play date. Jill Adler was dropping her first grader off at school in Park City when I called and played the Devil’s Advocate in her ear. Not one for choosing responsibilities over fresh snow (her gear never leaves her car), she doubled timed it for Solitude. By 9:25 a.m. we were both heading up Powderhorn for some seriously beautiful turns. Pure freedom! I didn’t need a new sport after all! What I needed was a few spare hours and some good snow to keep my smile cranking and my whining at bay! Trust me, powder in the form of tiny ice particles is much better than the stuff found in Prozac and Valium. Maybe more Utah moms should head up the canyons rather than to their shrinks or to the mall. I promise this form of therapy is much cheaper and the side affects are far better tolerated. With five inches of fresh sugar we filled our morning with childless sweetness and promised to do so again soon. Thursday morning is supposed to be nice….

While the kids are away...go to Solitude and play! Jill Adler Getting Some!

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