The Best of Both Worlds

There is nothing short of frustrating listening to your buddy’s voice mail as he raves about the 4th lap on Honeycomb on the Saturday after the dump. Basketball games and Boondocks for the kids today, powder tomorrow. With a little negotiating with the wife a  Sunday morning powder church was in store for me. Arriving at Solitude was the typical scene. A lot devoid of cars stretching towards eagle express where George and his buddies were starting the day off right with their pow wow at the end of the lot. You know George, the guy with the straw hat?  He has probably skied every day Solitude has been open ever!   As I stared into the truck bed I really had only one choice to make. Board or Skiis.Why not both?My plan was hatched and on the board I went. Oooh it looks good. FLUFFY low density stuff. I enter the ticket gate and notice the threesome 2 back from the first chair and I invite myself into their stead. A quick lift up and minutes later. POW. Yeah POW, and lot’s of it. I motor down to Powderhorn through the Rhapsody run and knew it was going to be an incredible day. Superlight, fluffy, low density, crystalline blessings of great joy…. Powderhorn. You just say the name and my mind races to the top picturing that awesome swiss style patrol shack with the red cross on it housing the guys that make all this possible. Except for the fact they aren’t in there. They are busy throwin’ bombs in Honeycomb preparing for my second act to come later. I find my self in Paradise.  No kidding, Paradise.  Literally and figuratively because that’s the run’s name and it is exactly what I’m experiencing. At least my version of it. Floating effortlessly through powder while throwing up a face shot with every other turn. Aaaahhhhh. Thank you sir may I have another, and another, and another. Cause’ that’s what you are going to get here at Solitude.

After six amazing runs of Vertigo, Concord, Paradise, and Paradise lost it was time to prepare for the second act. Skiis. Mainly because when my boys in red are done droppin’ bombs there is this magic gate to ecstasy off of Summit that I like to take and I have no interest in boot stompin’ that traverse!! Grab the skiis from the car… even found fresh tracks all the way down the mountain. A little Sunrise, and off to my favorite stashes in Headwall. Yeah, I know some of the shredders have been partaking but I can always find a line and it was very nice. After two headwalls I am on the lift and it grinds to a halt. Uh, oh. As I look at the watch I discover this is it. Gotta be home for sledding with the kids in an hour, so if the gate doesn’t open there will be no Honeycomb for me. Yeah, right. We are at Solitude people. As the gate to my powder destiny opens right as I get off the lift, I know what awaits. I could try to write about how that run went but I’ll leave it to your imagination, or you can make it your own reality. After all, you can have the best of both worlds here at Solitude.

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