Powder Time

What can you say?  Another awesome weekend of powder for the people.  With the Holiday skiing crowd taking some incredible memories of powder home with them,  the locals were having a field day on the mountain this weekend.  With nearly a foot of new snow friday and  the typical Solitude crowds,  the mountain was loaded with fresh lines for the day.

That’s the beauty of it.  The only lines on the mountain are the ones your laying down with your friends!  Milk Run was full of creamy white vitamin D goodness.  The headwall forrest awaits all comers with the roller coaster powder ride for all those who have the fortune.  After 3 runs with my  buddy’s riding their snowboards the Summit gate opened and I knew that one of my best runs of the day awaited me.  After a little traversing and sidestepping the reward of a blank slate of powder enabled me to be in that moment of zen powder riders are all familiar with.   One with the mountain, effortlessly turning through a billion snowflakes that make skiing so much fun.  I did eat a lot of powder today and Oh it tasted so good.   It is like a 5 course meal here at Solitude.   You have an idea of what awaits you but my favorite part of this meal is always the dessert.  You would think it was the rapture or something but it seems like all the powder hounds kind of disappear.

LunchtimeAt around 1 p.m. it seems like everybody is gone?!  I hooked up with my buddy Steve and we stopped at the roundhouse so he could warm up his toes and I could grab a bite.  Powder sure is nutritious.  Dessert is always good especially when you feel like you have it all to yourself.   Laps through Honeycomb offered some pretty epic lines through the trees and we kept hitting the same area finding untracked throughout the afternoon.   THAT is why you ski here ladies and gentleman.  Powder to the people because I know that anyone up here today had alot of fun.   More snow to come this weekend!


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