C is for Carving

It has been about a year since I jumped on a hardboot carving snowboard with my buddy Mark. He has 36 days and counting on the mountain already and is looking forward to alot more. I re-discovered how fun it is to jump on this snowboard whose width is almost as narrow as some of the powder skiis out there these days. You stand with both of your feet facing the same direction at an angle and off you go. It is a completely different technique than regular snowboarding but when you get the hang of it there is now better way to carve some trenches on Solitudes groomed slopes. The wildest ride is when you literally get on edge and nearly make a 360 degree circle. I bow out around 260 or so but with some practice and speed I’m gonna make it some day.  I have to say that it still amazes me that a 30 minute ride will get you up here to enjoy a world class ski mountain that feels like a private resort. We met a guy from Virginia who was raving aout how awesome the snow was. With the couple of inches that keep falling every couple of days the snow is soft and carve -able so you don’t wash out very easily. Not only is C is for Carving it also is for commitment. When you get on edge on these carving boards you are on the “rails” and it requires you to commit to your line and you are rewarded with a sweet arc that feels awesome when done right. The moderate slopes seem to suit it best allowing you to “lay it down” a little bit as you hover over the snow. That is where the commitment part is definetly required. At the end of an awesome carving session I would have to say S is for Solitude…….Get up here for President’s Day weekend the forecast looks great for some great skiing and maybe even a Sun Tan!

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