Life is just a Fantasy

Stairway to Heaven

Fantasy Ridge is OPEN!!   That is what I read today while I sat in the Fire station wishing I was on that ascent to the top of the ridge.  I honestly can’t think of a more exhilarating hike at any resort in the Wasatch.  The route starts at a decent degree of slope and keeps on demanding fitness as you gain elevation rather quickly.  Soon you are looking left  and right and realize that the precipitous drop to oblivion is within several feet on each side of you.   I’m sure the boy’s in Red setting the trail and dropping bombs got their heart rate pumping on this climb.  The views are incredible.  When overlooking Honeycomb Canyon to the right and looking over Twin Lakes to the left you realize you are somewhere special.  Only the sound of your heart pounding and your lungs heaving breaks the silence as you contemplate the route down.  The options are endless and it is a difficult decision sometimes on where to drop in.  You have easy entries into epic powder and some rather technical intro’s that may require a mandatory air somewhere down the line.  Fantasy Ridge always offers a memorable run for skiers with the ability and desire to ski one of the most classic slopes around.  Only at Solitude.



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