Groundhogs Don’t Know Anything and 25 Things About Me

Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, who predicted an early spring by not seeing his shadow, is a knucklehead or at least the people who believe in groundhog weather prediction are. In fact, we are officially three days into spring and it has snowed each day thus far.

Who does this rodent think he is?

Some of you may not be so keen on the extended stay of winter but any of you who have been lucky enough to make some arcs the last few days are wallowing in glee over the powder that is falling.


Noah getting some spring powder


Since I am one of the wintery souls who is desperately trying to hold onto the last blasts of winter and am momentarily being a bit nostalgic, I thought it would be fun to share with you 25 things about me and the first three days of spring 2013.


1. I really don’t love babies. In fact, I see pregnant women and I feel bad for them.

2. This leads me to “Thank the Lord above that I don’t have toddlers.”

3. Which means I have boys who no longer whine…except when they are hungry, have to go somewhere they don’t want, have to do homework or pretty much every other moment except when they are shredding the gnar. I guess they whine.

No complaints from this kid!


4. Which also means they can ski just about anywhere and in any condition.


Yes they can.


5. I guess they will likely be better than me soon…Hmmm, maybe toddlerhood isn’t so bad! Nah.


This kid is getting good!


6. There was one day this week that I needed a poncho instead of a coat…thank goodness it was just one day.

7. I really hate skiing in freezing rain….I won’t say where but, it wasn’t Solitude.

8. I am beyond grateful that I live within minutes to 4 insanely awesome mountains.


Who wouldn’t want to live here?


9. I prefer the drive up Big vs. Little. Blizzards while driving down Little still make me nervous, even after 17 years.

10. I love that Solitude is willing to give me a voice…even when they probably wished they didn’t.

11. I really dislike the food at Last Chance but will drop mad cash at Honeycomb Grill & Stone Haus Pizzeria.

12. Days where you have to bundle up and cover every last bit of skin and then are sweltering hot minutes later means that you are skiing in spring. Not sure I am so fond of this but, I’ll survive.


Excellent spring skiing:)


13. The best snow this week fell Friday night into Saturday. This ALWAYS happens…why?

14. Even though there were gobs of people (because of the weekend powder), I still found a killer parking spot. Ski in Ski out baby!

15. If you were to follow me, you might find some seriously untouched stashes of steep powder. I would never let that happen…unless you were really nice.


He’s not telling either;)


16. I’ve learned the patrol don’t ski and tell either and really don’t like it when I open my big mouth. You got to figure this stuff out on your own.

17. I love that I know exactly where to ski and when to ski it to get the best that Solitude has to offer.




18. Yes, these pictures were taken today (Saturday), and the boys and I found our untouched wonderlands without hardly seeing a soul around…even with the fresh snow and hoardes of skiers. Ahhh…Solitude.

19. I am scared to death of the hike up Fantasy Ridge…I really am.

20. I told Noah that he can’t hike it until he’s 12. He checked it out pretty closely today and agreed.

21. I’ve decided that Isaac needs some bigger and fatter skis. A few weeks left to the season…should I do it?


That sticker on his helmet says it all!


22. I am a pro at pulling snowboarders, kids and anyone else who needs it, across the flats in blinding snow.

23. Solitude needs to put in a rope tow along Deer Trail. Don’t hate me please.

24. Did I mention that I love Solitude?

25. I really LOVE fresh, deep powder at the end of March!

He might be tired from a day of hiking but he loves it too!


 Thank goodness for us that the groundhog was WRONG!

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