There’s Always Tomorrow…(But it won’t be the same)

Walking into the Moonbeam Lodge this morning felt like coming home. After a few ski trips out of state and the new found warmth of spring, it has been awhile since I have clicked into my bindings at Solitude. It’s been much longer than that since I have stopped into the Lodge. Of course, I got my usual spot (right at the front door) and traipsed into the brown bag area to find…nothing, no one, not a soul around. Actually, it’s like this a lot. I smiled, took in the homey, musty smell of my favorite hang out spot and welcomed myself home.

I recently returned from skiing endless, staggering vertical at Big Sky, MT and before that, Jackson Hole. I loved playing on such amazing mountains but now, after all the glitz and glam has since dimmed into the fading season, the quiet and serenity of Utah’s most peaceful resort called me to her. The magic of a cold, spring snowfall was just what this gal needed to sink back into the roots and soulfulness of my sport. Solitude may not be big and full of herself but she is sweet, deep and unmarred by the hustle of the world around her.


Fourteen inches of cold fluff (not the heavy spring stuff we’ve gotten accustomed to) but authentic, middle of winter powder, brought out the fat skis and one excited mama. I should have let my boys miss school but I called a friend instead and we floated, literally, in our hours of childless freedom.

I expected more enthusiasm from the locals but, with minds on spring sports and summer around the corner, I think people may have hung up their boards for the moment. Those who found yourselves drawn to the mountains this morning, must likely share in my sentiments, that today, Tuesday April 9th, was assuredly the best day of the year! Today was inspiring, rejuvenating and completely epic. With no one to compete with and untouched lines galore, it was a powder addicts dream and the best drug I know to put a smile on one’s face.

The air was cold, but not bitter and as the sun eventually emerged with her blissful rays, Solitude became bathed in effervescent perfection. The mountain stood still and the canyons lay quiet as we silently engraved our turns upon her unscathed slopes. A piece of my soul was left today, high in the trees of Honeycomb and I may just have to see if I might find where I left it tomorrow…

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