Finding Joy in Solitude

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”
― Jean-Paul Sartre

I am sure that there is a difference in being in solitude or being alone but sometimes finding the peace that comes with being all by yourself can be challenging. Let me make clear that I like to be alone…a lot, but, I do not like to ski alone. I feel unchallenged and bored and often times, give up before ever making it on the hill because I can’t find a sidekick.

I almost gave up on solitude this morning because twenty texts and many calls later, I was still flying solo. I understand that life gets in the way and the freedom of endless ski days is a distant memory packed away with my early twenties but c’mon folks, no one? Not one person to entertain myself with?

I thought about the things I could get done with nothing on my calendar and nowhere to be and almost threw in the towel but something stopped me. I was going up and I knew it. The lure of new(er) snow, crystal-clear skies and warmer temps (yes, when you get up above the inversion it is almost balmy), convinced me to wallow out of my self pity and up the canyon.

No one, I mean NO ONE is here!

No one, I mean NO ONE is here!

As the gray gave way to brilliant blue and the Wasatch Mountains rose around me in pristine and utter beauty, my hesitation turned to joy and I drank in the silence. No one to chatter with and ruin the peace of the moment and no kiddos fighting in the back seat cluttering my mind with their nonsense left me filling full of renewed energy and sense of self.


Bluebird Baby!

Bluebird Baby!


Solitude Mountain Resort in Utah is solitude. There are few resorts in Utah that allow you to experience complete silence and peace as you find your turns and lay over your boards. We all know that Solitude is the perfect name for our unspoiled Wasatch gem and so the story of silence and tranquility carries on and so does mine. A story of a perfect day filled with sunshine, soft snow, packed powder and no one to bother with my incessant yammering….well, until I finally marched into the ski patrol shack and broke my morning of solitude.

After all, while discovering my inner peace and clearing my mind was great and much needed, it was necessary to end the day with some amusement from humankind. I guess my obsession with staying connected finally won out. Sorry Keith…

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