Utah Snowboarding- Face Your Fears

When I go snowboarding in Utah, I like to be safe. Nothing is worse than flying down the mountain at uncontrollable speeds and catching an edge. The result is a pounding headache and the wind knocked out of you at best.

I’ve always been a nervous snowboarder. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just hang out on the bunny hill all day, but I do fall a lot. I have smacked my head, hurt my tail bone and wiped out in a terrain park attempting to learn my first box. But after switching over from skiing, I have always felt like I have less control on a snowboard. And having less control scares me. My irrational “dying while skiing” fears started at age nine when one of my mom’s friends lost her daughter to a ski accident. She had lost control and went straight into a tree. I remember going skiing after that and being scared to lose control and worried that if I went too fast, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Solitude edited

Snowboarding at Solitude Mountain Resort this season has been the greatest way to overcome this fear. Instead of thinking about everything that can go wrong, I focus on the sound off my snowboard carving in the snow and spending my day at the best ski resort is Utah. On Saturday when I got to the top of the Summit lift, I strapped in and flew down the mountain. It was a busy day, but for Solitude Mountain Resort, that just means you wait two minutes in the lift lines instead of getting right on. I didn’t have to worry about watching for others on the mountain, I didn’t have to worry about anything.

apex lift edited

(The “line” at Apex)

When I got back down to Solitude’s village, I felt liberated. By far, this had been the best run of the day, and probably the best run of my snowboarding career. I felt free and ready to move on to more difficult terrain.

You can spend the day worrying about what could happen, or you can divert your energy to having a good time. Life’s too short to worry about the things that can go wrong. Sometimes you just have to be brave and just face your fear head on.

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