Silver Fork Expansion Application

Solitude Mountain Resort is applying for 182 acres of lift served skiing in Silver Fork Canyon, a reduction from the original proposal of 462 acres. The popular Meadow Chutes and West Bowl are NOT part of the proposed expansion that would include only one new lift, as well as a realignment of the current Honeycomb Return Lift. Solitude currently holds 167 acres in Silver Fork. This addition, consitent with existing watershed protection, represents a mere .0001% of the Wasatch Cache National Forest.

Many Solitude skiers presently use this area of Silver Fork for resort accessed side-country lap style skiing. Safe monitoring of this terrain will benefit these skiers, as well as expected additional Utah recreationists. Utah continues to grow as both a skier destination and in local population – with skier visits increasing by 37% in the past ten years.

This application is consistent with the US Forest Service’s Management Direction, which recognizes the importance of recreation in close proximity to the Wasatch Front, whose population is projected to double by 2030. The USFS encourages private enterprises to developed recreation facilities that contribute to the local economy.

Silver Fork Expansion Map

Silver Fork Expansion Map

SLC All-Star Chefs Bring Their Tastes to Solitude

Elevate your taste buds with Guest Chef Thursdays at St. Bernard’s. Over (at least) the next 4 weeks, a who’s who in the Salt Lake City gastronomic scene will be treating diners to five unforgettable course in Solitude’s quaint alpine village. Imagine your favorite dishes from restaurants you know and love…now, picture them fireside at 8,000 feet.  It’s true what they say, you know: Food does taste better when cooked at altitude!

We cannot guarantee snowflakes, but count on the fire.
Here’s the lineup:

2/11-Vienna Bistro’s Chef Froddy Volger is obsessed with freshness, and the European Alpine Cuisine he has brought to the heart of Salt Lake City is made from scratch daily.

2/18 Chris Durfee and Justin Shifflett lead the kitchen at Metropolitan Restaurant, and are the geniuses behind the restaurants handcrafted, fresh, and seasonal New American Cuisine.

2/25 Scott DeSeelhorst, former chef of the Yurt / Roundhouse & proprietor of Snake River Winery. A throwback Southwest fusion menu.

3/4 Lugano chef/owner Greg Neville, awarded Best Chef by Salt Lake Magazine, creates and recreates seasonal menus that thrive on locally grown organic produce and the freshest ingredients.

Reservations are strongly encouraged, as St. Bernard’s is a small, intimate restaurant.  801-517-7717

$65 prix-fixe. Wine pairings extra.

Utah makes a guest appearance in…Utah?

With the return of the snow. Wait, strike that. With the return of redonkulous dumpage only found in the Wasatch, Utah started looking alot like, Utah again.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video that is 43 seconds long, at 30 frames per second, would be made up of 1,290 pictures. The word equivalent would be 12,900 words. This day in age, with most conversations taking place within the 140 character confines of twitter, no one will read my 12,900 words. Even if Tolkein penned the elation of a powder run on Honeycomb, I still doubt you will feel even a single percent in comparison to what this vid will conjure.
Without further adieu:

Avalanche Awareness Course Dec 19 & 20

Join members of Solitude’s Professional Ski Patrol and Snow Safety team to learn how to travel responsibly and safely outside resort boundaries. This two-day course is a great introduction to the identification of avalanche hazard and the skills needed to safely travel in the backcountry.

The course will focus on identifying avalanche terrain, analyzing snow and weather factors, managing group dynamics, and avalanche rescue skills. The morning of day one will start with the guides giving a presentation on avalanches, followed by the rest of day one and two being spent in the backcountry putting these concepts into action.

All participants will have the option to use our brand new Black Diamond touring setups, consisting of the Justice skis with Fritschi Freeride bindings and Ascension skins.

Call BackTracks at 801 536-5705 or visit us at to reserve your spot.

Powderhorn II Ready for Operation

With the final bolts tightened, tests passed and chairs hung, Utah’s largest on-mountain improvement for the upcoming season is ready for action – Powderhorn II.

Powderhorn II starts near the bottom of Sunshine Bowl, travels above a widened Concord ski run, and ends in the same location as the original Powderhorn Lift. Some terrain improvements at the top terminal allow Diamond Lane to start right at the top terminal – no more crossing the road to get to the other side. Skiers left – towards Eagle Ridge – has been graded eliminating the off-camber double fall line mogul field to access gentler terrain. Guests will no doubt enjoy a smoother ad quicker transition from riding the lift to making turns.

PH II Bottom Terminal as viewed from Moonbeam Express. Photo: Marc Guido

PH II Bottom Terminal as viewed from Moonbeam Express. Photo: Marc Guido

The move to a mid-mountain starting point allows expert snowriders to make continuous laps on the upper mountain – from Diamond Lane to Sunshine Bowl – without the need to return to the base area via beginner runs. A speedy 7 minute lift ride on the new lift, as opposed to 12 on the old double, saves 5 minutes per run on some of the state’s steepest groomed terrain. Plus, the off-piste terrain in Honeycomb Canyon will still be conveniently accessed from the top of this lift.

Beginner and intermediate visitors will appreciate the new lift, as well, even though they may not ride it until their skills improve, as advanced and expert visitors will remain higher on the mountain, easing traffic in prime learning areas lower on the mountain. Crafting this natural segregation put visitors of like abilities in terrain conducive to their ability, creating an improved experience for all.

Solitude Ranks High In Ski Magazine Reader’s Poll

Far and away, the most legitimate resort awards program is by Ski Magazine. Being that actual skiers – the readers of the magazine – not editors swayed by advertising revenue and popularity contests, are rating the resorts they frequent, Solitude is proud of the amazing rankings we received.

OVERALL – #26. Just being ranked is compliment – nevermind scratching close to the top 25.  Thank you readers!

In individual categories, Solitude really shined in areas we expect to (weather, snow, etc.) as well as in areas we strive to excel, such as providing a wide variety of groomed terrain.

#1 Weather

#4 Snow

#10 Grooming

#6 Value

#8 Access

More news from 9800′

The chopper visited us again and flew in all the towers – believe it or not in about 3 hours they had every tower in place. Talk about efficiency – these guys should run the Senate or something. The next phase of this project will be to put thetop and bottom lift terminals in place, then stringing cable, hanging chairs, etc. With the first day of autumn in the books, Powderhorn II is right on schedule.

Notice that Concord is a much wider run now. We plan on grooming this for your gravitational enjoyment this coming winter.

Notice that Concord is a much wider run now. We plan on grooming this for your gravitational enjoyment this coming winter.

In addition to putting in the lift, Solitude’s Mountain Staff has been hard at work with bulldozers and graders to create a smooth transition from lift to skiing.  It is amazing what these guys can do with equipment weighing several tons – nimbly moving dirt into all the right places.  Skiers left down Eagle ridge used to be a double fall-line bump run, which got old after the first few laps towards Paradise and Vertigo. Your other option was to make a hairpin switchback on a cat-track to access the ridge runs or Diamond Lane. Not exactly what most skiers had in mind looking for a nice steep groomer.  Now, the aformentioned bump entrance to the ridge has been graded, eliminating the double fall line, while also allowing visitors a nice little ramp up into Honeycomb Canyon.  Diamond Lane will now start right at the top terminal – no more crossing the road to get to the other side.  Picture’s really are worth a thousand words, so imagine these with snow on them and hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are.

Honeycomb gate on left, and easy access to Eagle Ridge / Paradise / Vertigo / etc. on the right.

Honeycomb gate on left, and easy access to Eagle Ridge / Paradise / Vertigo / etc. on the right.

A bit of a better view looking down the ridge. The top terminal puts you right on the run!

Taste of the Nation For Two Package – $499

Just got word from our lodging and culinary team:  They are offering a special weekend package for the Taste of the Nation Event. This is the finest culinary event in Utah and all the proceeds go towards enging childhood hunger – a great cause!!  Dozens of vendors from Salt Lake’s top restaurants offer amazing samples on our beautiful lawn setting. Wine pours will be available, along with unforgettable mountain views.

Package includes:
2 nights lodging at the Inn
(Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun nights)
Two 5-course dinners at St. Bernard’s
2 Taste of the Nation Tickets
4 lift passes
Enjoy our upper mountain and wildflowers
Brunch for two on Saturday and Sunday.

Call 800 748-4754 to book. 2 night stay for $499 (includes both people)

Food wine and views at the Taste of the Nation.

Food wine and views at the Taste of the Nation.