Beginners Guide to Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort has plenty of powder to go around and offers some of the best skiing in Utah for all levels. It can be intimidating when you haven’t skied in years, and you’re looking to book a ski vacation in a state that claims to have “the greatest snow on earth.” But don’t let all the “skier lingo” intimidate you- there is plenty of mountain for beginners too!

At the first entrance at Solitude, you will see the Moonbeam lift. To the left of Moonbeam is the Link lift or the bunny hill lift. If you are a beginner, Moonbeam is the perfect place to start or to at least warm up if you haven’t been in a while. There are multiple ways to get down that can take you to the base of Moonbeam lift again, including connecting with Link if you’re looking for an easier way to get down. Moonbeam is a great place for beginners or if you are looking to practice your turns.

solitude again

When you’re feeling more confident, ski over to the Sunrise lift. You can get to Sunrise by staying to the right at the top of Moonbeam and heading towards Solitude’s main village. Sunrise is just past the Apex lift. Sunrise has beautiful runs through the trees, but pay attention because there are a few runs that turn into moguls so unless you are feeling very confident in your turns, avoid those runs.

Don’t forget to fuel up at one of the many dining options at Solitude. You can grab a quick bite at Moonbeam lodge, or ski over to Solitude’s main village for the Honeycomb Grill or a slice of pizza at Stone Haus. If you’re looking for some water, Stone Haus offers free cups for water by their fountain drinks. You can also grab a quick snack to pack in your coat at the village store. Don’t let yourself get depleted while on the mountain.

Fortunately at Solitude, on the most crowded days you usually don’t have to worry about running into other skiers or getting plowed over by another beginner. Don’t let yourself get intimidated by other skiers or steep runs. There is usually an easy blue to take to get down from any lift, just watch for the signs.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can still experience the best Utah skiing out there at Solitude Mountain Resort.

Utah Snowboarding- Face Your Fears

When I go snowboarding in Utah, I like to be safe. Nothing is worse than flying down the mountain at uncontrollable speeds and catching an edge. The result is a pounding headache and the wind knocked out of you at best.

I’ve always been a nervous snowboarder. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just hang out on the bunny hill all day, but I do fall a lot. I have smacked my head, hurt my tail bone and wiped out in a terrain park attempting to learn my first box. But after switching over from skiing, I have always felt like I have less control on a snowboard. And having less control scares me. My irrational “dying while skiing” fears started at age nine when one of my mom’s friends lost her daughter to a ski accident. She had lost control and went straight into a tree. I remember going skiing after that and being scared to lose control and worried that if I went too fast, I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Solitude edited

Snowboarding at Solitude Mountain Resort this season has been the greatest way to overcome this fear. Instead of thinking about everything that can go wrong, I focus on the sound off my snowboard carving in the snow and spending my day at the best ski resort is Utah. On Saturday when I got to the top of the Summit lift, I strapped in and flew down the mountain. It was a busy day, but for Solitude Mountain Resort, that just means you wait two minutes in the lift lines instead of getting right on. I didn’t have to worry about watching for others on the mountain, I didn’t have to worry about anything.

apex lift edited

(The “line” at Apex)

When I got back down to Solitude’s village, I felt liberated. By far, this had been the best run of the day, and probably the best run of my snowboarding career. I felt free and ready to move on to more difficult terrain.

You can spend the day worrying about what could happen, or you can divert your energy to having a good time. Life’s too short to worry about the things that can go wrong. Sometimes you just have to be brave and just face your fear head on.

Discovering Solitude Mountain Resort

Having grown up in Colorado, I had never fully experienced Utah skiing until last Friday when I explored my first Utah ski resort.

One of the greatest things about Solitude Mountain Resort is the parking. I’m used to parking a mile away and having to carry my snowboard trekking in my uncomfortable boots (because I am too cheap to pay for a locker) for at least 20 minutes just to get to the lift.

I started my day off at the ski rental shop to get a pair of snowboard boots. The staff was friendly and extremely excited to help me out since I was the first rental customer of the season. After a few minutes, I was on my way to the lift and discovered that there were literally NO lines! I had heard there are no long lift lines at Solitude, but I couldn’t believe that there was no wait at all! This is something I am not used to since all of the big resorts I have been to are always crowded. One time I waited in line for 45 minutes just to get up onto the mountain for my first run.

best solitude lift photo

 The mountain felt empty and I was able to get on and off the lift without waiting all day. Aside from falling quite a few times, I flew down the runs loving that I didn’t have to worry about tons of people or long lines.

At lunchtime, I headed over to Honeycomb Grill for probably one of the best lunches I have ever had. First, they brought out a hot chocolate to warm me up. Then, I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with avocado off of the menu. I enjoyed my hot chocolate and the incredible view of the mountain while I waited for my lunch. When it came, I was not disappointed. The flavor was incredible and after a long morning of snowboarding, falling and trying to get off the lift without wiping out, it was nice to be served a delicious meal that kept me full for the rest of the day.

hot chocolate

 At the end of the day, I dropped off my rental gear without any hassle. Then walked to my car less than five minutes away from Solitude’s village. I couldn’t have asked for a better day of snowboarding at Solitude. I am definitely now a fan of Utah ski resorts, and I look forward to coming up next week.

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