Valentine’s at Solitude……Why Not?

High above the hustle and bustle of the Salt Lake Valley, unassumingly tucked away in The Inn at Solitude, can be found the Solitude Mountain Spa.

Solitude’s spectacular peaks and snow drenched slopes are some of Utah’s finest creations.  This quiet, peaceful and unpretentious resort entices visitors from all over to come and experience the famous Wasatch snow and exciting terrain in a friendly, low-key environment. Solitude, for the most part, is considered a day use area with many visitors coming up from the valley. This is a result of most skiers and boarders who park in the lower lot and give little thought to the quaint Bavaria

nesque village which is situated at the base of the Apex Lift. Many unknowingly pass the village by with little more than a glance at the clock tower as it strikes the passing hours. If you take the time to step onto the cobbled paths which meander through the picturesque village you will find that Solitude has more to offer than just the Moonbeam Lodge and incredible skiing. Restaurants, shops and cozy European lodging will take you back to yesteryear when life was simpler and the pace of every day life was just a little slower.

The Solitude Mountain Spa encompasses this notion of peace and relaxation and although, you will find that this is not a 5 star spa with glitzy amenities abounding, you will discover that it does deliver 5 star quality, service and a friendly, cozy atmosphere without the cost of larger more decadent spas.

Owned by Solitude Mountain Resort and managed by the incredibly knowledgeable and talented Suzanne Hawk the spa offers a fantastic selection of treatments, facials, massages and packages as well as the opportunity to create your own package perfectly suited to you. Suzanne and her staff of experienced estheticians and massage therapists are trained to know exactly how to treat and relieve ski specific soreness and fatigue as well as restoring and pampering the skin with treatments designed for clients who spend their time out of doors in the sun and elements. Whether your idea of relaxation is a 20 minute escape from the kids at lunch or 5 hours of pampering with your favorite friends, The Solitude Mountain Spa has something for everyone.

Only 20 minutes from Salt Lake means that it’s not just the tourists who should take advantage of this little sanctuary nestled modestly in the natural, alpine setting of the Wasatch but, locals as well should take advantage of the opportunity to detox the mind and relax the body in the most perfect of locations. Grab a friend and head up the canyon for a facial and warm, blissful stone massage or just come up for a custom pedicure sure to beat the quick ones found in the city.

With Valentine’s just around the corner, The Solitude Mountain Resort as well as the Spa is the ideal location for a romantic getaway. If you don’t have time for an overnight stay just come up for a massage for two and a romantic dinner at St. Bernards. Solitude is the ultimate surprise for your Valentine and Solitude has made it easy with a custom Valentine’s package designed just for you!

Solitude’s Sweetheart Deal can be found at this link:

For more information on the Solitude Mountain Spa check out You will be able to find all of the services offered as well as any specials that may be available.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Solitude

I think chocolate gets a bad rap. People spend so much time focusing on the negatives that they forget about the positives of this delectable treat. In a way, they’re taking a glass-half-empty approach to chocolate. But by focusing on the negative, they’re missing out on the fact that chocolate may elevate your mood, raise good cholesterol, promote blood flow and make you a better skier or snowboarder. Ok, I may have made up that last point, but the rest are completely true.

If you can’t tell, I’m more of a glass-half-full type of guy when it comes to chocolate. So it should come as no surprise that I’m stoked for the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour at Solitude Mountain Resort on January 23!

I’ve heard of chocolate parties, but the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour is more like a chocolate vacation. First, you get a Chocolate Lovers Passport, which is very similar to a normal passport in that it gets you into the event. The only difference – instead of security checkpoints and strip searches you get pampered with chocolaty goodness. Second, you get to explore Solitude Mountain Resort. Six different tents are set up around the mountain, each featuring a different type of chocolate and give away. Third, you’ll probably want to bring a bag to carry all the giveaways and prizes that you could win.

Still not convinced? Pardon me while I name drop. Cream O’ Weber, C. Kay Cummings, Sweet’s Candy and Bakers C & C will all be there. As will V Chocolates, Utah Truffles and Premium Ice Cream Creamies.

By now you’re probably having chocolate dreams and possibly even drooling. Don’t worry, this is normal. What’s not normal is missing out on the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour. So grab your friends and family, make sure your sweet tooth is fully functioning and make your way to Solitude Mountain Resort for the 20th Annual Chocolate Lovers’ Tour!

Winterfest is upon us!

What? It’s almost Christmas already? For once I’m not disappointed that time is flying. Why? First, the closer we are to Christmas, the closer we are to presents. Duh! Secondly, it means that we’re in the midst of Solitude’s 2nd Annual Winterfest!

For those of you who don’t know, Winterfest is two weeks of pure awesomeness for the whole family. Yes, I just made up that word, but it seemed fitting.

What classifies as awesomeness? Allow me to inform you. A pedestrian only village that is bustling with people, activity, fun and games. Ice skating parties complete with s’mores made over an open fire (the way they should be). History lessons. Movies. Astronomy presentations and star gazing tours. Solitude Ski Patrol rescue dog demonstrations. Snowshoeing tours. Holiday singers.

Wow, that is quite the list! And believe me it could, and does, go on. But I won’t share all the secrets of Winterfest, because the best part is discovering it for yourself!

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Avalanche Awareness Course Dec 19 & 20

Join members of Solitude’s Professional Ski Patrol and Snow Safety team to learn how to travel responsibly and safely outside resort boundaries. This two-day course is a great introduction to the identification of avalanche hazard and the skills needed to safely travel in the backcountry.

The course will focus on identifying avalanche terrain, analyzing snow and weather factors, managing group dynamics, and avalanche rescue skills. The morning of day one will start with the guides giving a presentation on avalanches, followed by the rest of day one and two being spent in the backcountry putting these concepts into action.

All participants will have the option to use our brand new Black Diamond touring setups, consisting of the Justice skis with Fritschi Freeride bindings and Ascension skins.

Call BackTracks at 801 536-5705 or visit us at to reserve your spot.