Solitude Ski Patrol

Professional patrollers are present on the mountain daily, providing guest information and emergency assistance. Patrol buildings are located at the top of the Powderhorn and Summit Lifts. The Solitude Salt Lake Regional Medical Clinic is located in the basement of the Last Chance Grill, which is lookers left of Apex Lift.

If you witness an accident or need assistance, please notify a Solitude ski patroller or lift attendant, or call

Please provide dispatch operator with the location of injured party, approximate age, gender, and nature of injury/illness.

To protect an injured skier, vertically cross your skis in the snow uphill from the accident until the patroller arrives.

All guests who use Solitude lifts and participate in snow sports while on Solitude property are responsible for knowing and understanding the following code of conduct. The Solitude skier code of conduct can also be found on the back of your lift ticket/seasons pass.

Solitude Skier Code of Conduct

  • Snow sports are hazardous
  • Weather and trail conditions vary constantly
  • Hazards are generally not marked
  • Rocks, cliffs, trees and difficult terrain exist throughout the area
  • Snowmaking, grooming and snowmobiles are in use on mountain and must be avoided
  • The user has sole responsibility for avoiding all hazards, skiing/snowboarding in complete control and following all signs and the Responsibility code.

As a condition and consideration for use of the ski area, the user expressly assumes all risks of injury or death related in any way to snow sports including the negligence of Solitude Mountain Resort and its employees while involved in anyway with snow sports.

The user represents that they are able to load, ride and unload lifts properly. The user will read all signs and mountain information including the trail map. The right to use the ski are may be revoked without compensation for violation of this agreement.

Solitude Mountain resort hosts a beacon park for Big Cottonwood users to practice their search and rescue skills. There are 4 buried "targets' for single and multiple burial practice.

The Solitude Beacon Park is located on the West end of the Moonbeam parking lot.

The Beacon Park is now open, but is weather dependent.

There is no uphill travel allowed at Solitude Mountain Resort.

Solitude currently has 2 Level A Certified Avalanche Rescue Dogs:

Bridger, a German Shepard, is our senior dog.
Rio, a Yellow Lab, is our second certified dog.
ZoZo is the newest addition to the team; she is a Lab/Boarder Collie mix who is currently in training.